Welcome to the Australian food history timeline

This website traces the history of Australian food since white settlement in 1788, with a glance at what came before. Use the menu to jump to a decade, or search for a specific topic. (On mobiles, scroll down to see the bottom menu.) The Australian food history timeline project started as a spin-off from my food memoir, Me and My Big Mouth. But it kept expanding. You can still buy the memoir by following this link. Thanks for reading. Jan O'Connell

What's new?

I keep adding new stories to this website. Like these:
2020: TikTok's #Food takes off during pandemic
1907: Desiccated coconut
first made in Australia
The chop picnic explained
2024: ACCC inquiry into supermarket sector
2009: Bubble tea
goes mainstream
1985: La Porchetta
chain founded in Carlton
1852: Trade tokens
produced in Australia
Australian firm R&L begins making cereal toys
1878: Schweppes opens first Australian factory
Introducing the Laminex kitchen

My Australian food history books

Unfortunately my book based on this website - A Timeline of Australian Food: from mutton to MasterChef - is now officially out of print.  There may be the odd copy hanging about in your bookshop or your local library may have a copy on the shelves. But you can still buy my first book, the baby boomer food memoir Me and My Big Mouth, as an ebook from Amazon or as a print copy from Blurb.  More about the books here.

And some video?

I also have a YouTube video channel, a mix of old food ads I wrote back in the day, foodie home movies, and some slicker promotional ones made for my book launch. This is where you'll see a sample.

But wait, there's more

You’ll find other, mostly food-related musings in My (Other) Blog  – the link takes you to my author website Me and My Big Mouth. For updates and other fun stuff,  follow the Timeline on Facebook. 

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