1839 First ice in Sydney

Ice for the ice tradeThe first ice in Sydney arrived in 1839. It had been harvested from North American lakes and carried through the tropics in a heavily insulated sailing ship, the Tartar. The ice trade was conducted by American and Norwegian entrepreneurs. Merchants in Australia, India, the West Indies and elsewhere built ice houses, where this precious commodity could be preserved and sold to the public. More

1838 Pineapples first brought to Australia

Pineapples introduced

It’s thought that the first pineapples were brought to Australia by German missionaries who had travelled to Australia via India. Pineapples were widespread in the tropics by that time. They were distributed by Spanish navigators after Colombus first encountered them in Guadeloupe in 1493. More

1838 Yering is Victoria’s first commercial vineyard

Yerring Station - Victoria's first commercial vineyardAlthough the Henty brothers planted the first vines in Victoria at Portland, Yering Station in the Yarra Valley was the site of Victoria’s first commercial vineyard. It was planted by the Scottish-born Ryrie brothers, but the property remained primarily a cattle station until Paul de Castella took ownership in the early 1850s. The current cellar door building dates to 1859.

1837-9 Melbourne’s first pubs

Melbourne’s first pubs opened soon after the founding of the colony in 1835. Legislation required that any licensed premises should provide accommodation and liquor could only be served for consumption on the premises. Twenty annual licences had been issued by 1839. More

1836 Parrot pie for Christmas

One of the first settlers to arrive in Adelaide in 1836, Mary Thomas, wrote that she had celebrated Christmas according to custom with plum pudding. But the main dish had a more colonial flavour – ham and parrot pie. The colony of South Australia was proclaimed three days after Christmas. More

1832 Cascade Brewery built

Cascade BreweryThe Cascade Brewery was built by Peter Degraves, who originally founded the estate as a saw milling operation.  Degraves arrived in Hobart Town in 1824 and spent five of his first seven years in the colony in prison for debt. Nevertheless, his beer became the most popular in Tasmania and the Cascade Brewery is the oldest in Australia.


1832 First Western Australian wine

The first grape vines in Western Australia were planted near Fremantle soon after the first colonists arrived in 1829. By 1832, Thomas Waters of Olive Farm near Guildford was selling wine by the gallon- the first Western Australian wine. More

1830 Hunter Valley vines planted

George Wyndham - Hunter Valley wine pioneerGeorge Wyndham was one of the pioneers of viticulture in the Hunter Valley, planting vines at his property Dalwood. His first successful vintage was in 1836. The Dalwood vineyard is claimed to be the oldest continuously producing commercial vineyard in Australia.