1997 Women cooking most

Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

In a study called How Australians Use their Time, 1997, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that we still relied on women cooking, with 80% of women spending time preparing food, compared to 49% of men. The same study showed men spent 7% of their time on domestic work compared to 13% for women.

Things hadn’t changed a great deal by 2016. A research study commissioned by a food delivery service found that women cooking was still the norm. When asked who did the most cooking in their household, 25% said mother, while 23% said wife. The figures for father and husband were 6% and 7% respectively, while a small percentage said that the task was shared equally.

That study found that, on the average weeknight, 37% of people spent half an hour or less preparing dinner, while a further 50% spent between half an hour and an hour. Despite being busy and time-poor, 97% of respondents said they chose to cook at home on weeknights, for reasons including saving money, preferring the taste of home-cooked meals and eating healthier food.

Other findings indicated that around 45% of households still sat down to eat together at least once a day, but 47% said that the whole family eating together was probably a thing of the past.

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