Aeroplane Jelly posterThe inventor of Aeroplane Jelly was a tram driver.  Bert Appleroth first made jelly crystals at home in his bathtub and began distributing them along his Sydney tram route. He subsequently formed a company called Traders Ltd with a partner, Albert Francis Lenertz and the brand was launched in 1927. The famous Aeroplane Jelly song was written by Lenertz and first recorded in 1930. However, the most popular version was recorded in 1938 by a seven-year-old girl who won a New South Wales-wide competition. In 1966, the jingle was recorded in Greek, Italian, Russian and Croatian.

You can see an early Aeroplane Jelly cinema ad here. One of the first commercials on Australian television in 1956 was a spot featuring the Aeroplane Jelly song.