2013 Seaweed farm in New South Wales

The harvesting of seaweed isn't new but, in Australia, the actual cultivation of seaweed for culinary purposes is a relatively… Read More

2009 Bubble tea goes mainstream

Not being a tea drinker, the world of specialty tea drinks is completely foreign to me. I grew up in… Read More

1966? First Australian canned wine

Once beer began to be packaged in cans, with the obvious benefits of portability and sturdiness,  it was only a… Read More

1962 First Tunarama Festival in Port Lincoln

The Tunarama Festival was devised by the burghers of the town that describes itself as "The Seafood Capital of Australia",… Read More

1948 Wagon Wheels invented

Although we like to think of Wagon Wheels as a classic Australian treat, they were actually invented in England and… Read More

Mid-1930s Hamburger the new fast food

The history of the hamburger is a murky one. No one really knows who invented them or what their connection… Read More

1930 Repin’s Coffee Inns founded in Sydney

From the 1930s to the 1960s, Repin's Coffee Inns were an institution in Sydney, providing office workers with good coffee… Read More

1892 The first King Island Dairy

Today, King Island Dairy is well-known for its range of specialty cheese and is a major source of employment and… Read More

1878 Wilhelmina Rawson’s Queensland cookbook

Owing to a strange custom that persisted until at least the 1950s, it was common to refer to a married… Read More

1874 Marcus Clarke’s food column

The idea of a food column isn't new. In 1874, author and journalist Marcus Clarke wrote a series of short… Read More

1864 Sunshine Biscuit factory founded

Pinning events to a specific date can be a challenge, especially when there are conflicting stories. Sunshine Biscuits is a… Read More

1853 Melbourne’s oldest pub

Melbourne's first pubs sprang up not long after European settlement began. These early establishments, often of primitive wattle and daub… Read More

1839 Australia’s first ice cream sellers

Ice cream has a long history. The story goes back hundreds or, perhaps, thousands of years before the invention of… Read More

1798 Australia’s first restaurant

Australia's first restaurant had a French cook and served diners on fine plates, accompanied by the best wines poured into… Read More

1795 Windsor wharf on the Hawkesbury

The settlement of Windsor (then known as the Green Hills) began in 1791. In 1794, the first farms were developed… Read More

1793 Rock lobsters caught by French explorers

For millennia, rock lobsters (often erroneously known as crayfish) were among the marine foods collected and eaten by indigenous Australians… Read More

1787 First fleet provisions

Among the 11 ships that set sail for Botany Bay on May 13 1787, three - Golden Grove, Fishburn and Borrowdale - were store… Read More

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