2023 Google’s top ten recipes

The end of 2023 was marked by the release of Google's top ten recipes for the year - Australia's most-searched… Read More

2023 New laws to phase out gas cooking

In June 2023, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government passed a law banning gas connections to new homes. The law… Read More

2023 Coronation Quiche sparks debate

In April 2023, as the UK began to work itself into a fever about the imminent coronation of King Charles… Read More

2021 Gnocchi tops list of most Googled recipes

Tracking the list of most Googled recipes over the past few years is both revealing and mystifying.  The most Googled… Read More

2011 The air fryer arrives in Australia

Every so often, a cooking appliance comes along that promises to revolutionise how we do things in the kitchen. The… Read More

2006 First Indigenous celebrity chef

The TV series Outback Café was not Mark Olive's first appearance on the small screen - he had previously hosted… Read More

1997 Women cooking most

In a study called How Australians Use their Time, 1997, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that we still relied… Read More

1990s More pre-packaged meals

In the 1990s, individually packaged, ready-made meals and snacks appeared in increasing numbers in the supermarket. Microwave pasteurisation techniques extended… Read More

1990s Fusion cooking

Fusion cooking started before the 1990s (at Tetsuya’s, for example) but in this decade became more widespread. Chefs combined eastern… Read More

1989 Sous vide cooking in Australia

The sous vide (literally, under vacuum) technique involves cooking food vacuum-sealed in plastic in a water bath at a precisely… Read More

1988 The term molecular gastronomy coined

Oxford  Professor of Physics,  Nicholas Kurti, and French physical chemist and magazine editor, Hervé This, coined the term molecular gastronomy… Read More

1986 Margaret Fulton’s Asian cookbook

Margaret Fulton's Asian cookbook the 'Encyclopedia of Asian and Oriental Cookery' encouraged families to pick up the chopsticks and try… Read More

1980 Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book

The Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book has become the bible for achievement-oriented mums who want to make that… Read More

Late 1970s Peter Russell-Clarke sells eggs

As question marks were raised about eggs as high-cholesterol food, The Victorian Egg Board enlisted the services of artist, author… Read More

1977 Howqua Dale weekend retreat founded

Sarah Stegley and Marieke Brugman owned and operated the Howqua Dale Gourmet Retreat, at Mansfield in central Victoria for 30… Read More

1977 Breville Kitchen Wizz released

The Breville Kitchen Wizz food processor was an affordable Australian version of the European MagiMix. It was one of the… Read More

1976 Apricot Chicken recipe

There were earlier recipes called Apricot Chicken, but the first I can find for the 1970s classic with the standard… Read More

1976 Don Dunstan’s Cookbook published

One of the few politicians to publish a cookbook , the Premier of South Australia favoured an eclectic and informal… Read More

1974 Breville Snack’n’Sandwich Toaster

A replacement for the old-fashioned jaffle iron, the Breville Snack'n'Sandwich Toaster sold 400,000 and was snapped up by 10 per cent… Read More

1973 Crock-pot cooking introduced

Crock-Pot is a brand name for a bench-top electric slow cooker. The idea dates back to 1940 in the USA… Read More

1972 Be Bold with Bananas

The National Library of Australia has this publication dated at 1972, although other sources are less certain of the date.… Read More

1972 Charmaine Solomon’s first Asian cookbook

Charmaine Solomon is credited with introducing Australia to Asian food.  She was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, but moved to… Read More

1970 Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook

The first edition of the classic Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook was published in 1970, heralding a new era of international cookery… Read More

1969 Beginnings of nouvelle cuisine

Said to have been born on the first Concorde flight out of Paris, this new and lighter approach to French… Read More

1969 First microwave oven imported

The first commercial microwave oven, Raytheon's Radarange,  was invented in the USA in the late 1940s. Domestic models began to sell… Read More

1968 First Margaret Fulton cookbook

Cookery writer Margaret Fulton was the food editor of Woman's Day magazine when her first cookbook was published by Paul… Read More

1967 Australia’s first frozen Chinese meals?

Although there had previously been frozen TV dinner ranges which included Asian dishes, the first all-Chinese frozen meal range may… Read More

1966 GLAD® Wrap introduced

In 1966 the GLAD® brand was born in Australia with the launch of  'the amazing new plastic GLAD® Wrap, a… Read More

1965 Sartee stall at Darwin Show

It's better known to most of us as a satay. But in Darwin many people, especially those in the Chinese… Read More

1963 Robert Carrier’s Great Dishes of the World.

Robert Carrier's Great Dishes Of The World sold over 2 million copies worldwide in 14 languages; and was hailed as… Read More

1962 Scotts TV dinners advertised

The term "TV dinners" emerged as a brand name in the USA in 1955, although frozen ready-to-eat meals had been… Read More

1961 First Tupperware party in Australia

Earl Silas Tupper introduced the range of plastic containers in the USA in 1946. Their trademark was the distinctive “burping"… Read More

1961 Mastering the Art of French Cooking first published.

Although this book is largely credited to Julia Child, it was co-authored with Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle, whom Child… Read More

1960 Margaret Fulton joins Woman’s Day

In 1960, Margaret Fulton, then working at advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, joined the weekly women's magazine Woman's Day as… Read More

1958 Australia’s first barbecue cookbook

Australia's first barbecue cookbook, The Burnt Offering: (how NOT to barbecue), by Winsom A Gilbert, appeared in 1958. Gilbert was… Read More

1957 Australia’s first TV chef

Australia's first TV chef was Willi Koeppen. His program, The Chef Presents was one of Australia’s earliest TV cooking programs. It aired on… Read More

1956 Olympic Games attracts chefs to Melbourne

The 1956  Olympic Games changed the restaurant scene in Melbourne. Despite an initial suggestion that shearers’ cooks should introduce visiting… Read More

1955 New Sunbeam appliances

In 1955,  Sunbeam Australia launched their  pop-up’ toaster, electric frypan and ‘Ironmaster’. The Sunbeam electric frypan, which became an essential… Read More

1954 First cook at Mawson Base, Antarctica

In January 1954, a party of 10 men set out to build the first permanent Australian base on the Antarctic… Read More

1954 Curried Goanna served in Sydney

On 8 May 1954, Curried Goanna was among the foods served at a special Northern Territory night at a Sydney… Read More

1953 Chocolate Crackles trademarked

December 1953 saw the name Chocolate Crackles trademarked by Kellogg, despite the fact that the recipe had been in circulation… Read More

1952 Spaghetti bolognese recipe

Why would it have a French spelling? And why would it include Worcestershire sauce? And why would you bake it?… Read More

1951 Maggi dried soups launched in Australia

Dried soups became an essential part of store-cupboard cookery in the 1950s. Unilever’s Continental brand was Maggi’s principle competitor. Their… Read More

1950 Betty King debuts as ‘leading home economist’

Betty King, Home Economist, of World Brands Pty Ltd was one of the leading ladies of Australian cookery…the Margaret Fulton… Read More

1949 Jaffle craze hits Australia

That Aussie icon, the jaffle iron, has a shorter history than you may think. It was invented in 1949 and… Read More

1949 Aerophos Recipe Book

Issued by the "manufacturers of AEROPHOS food phosphate raising ingredients"  the Aerophos Recipe Book was a fixture in many Australian kitchens… Read More

1948 Sunbeam Mixmaster launched

Sunbeam can trace its Australian history back to 1902, when the American Chicago Flexible Shaft Company (later the Cooper Engineering Company) set up… Read More

1948 First Chinese cookery book for Australians

In 1948, Roy Geechoun (otherwise Lee Lock Gee Choun) published a Chinese cookery book written for non-Chinese Australians. It was… Read More

1947 Introducing the Laminex kitchen

In my youth, our impressive, French-polished dining room table was reserved for special occasions like Christmas or for buffet spreads… Read More

1944 Wild’s Ezy-Sauce trademarked

Not being one to make my own pickles and sauces, I had never heard about Wild's Ezy-Sauce. Not until it… Read More

1942 Beefless days introduced

In a first step towards World War II food rationing, newspapers throughout Australia announced on 16 January that "The eating… Read More

1941 Rise of the tuna casserole

Easy Ways to Good Meals: 99 Delicious Dishes Made With Campbell's Soups popularised the tuna and noodle casserole made with… Read More

1940 William Angliss Food Trades School opens

When I was writing the book based on this timeline, I spent some time in the library of the William… Read More

1939 Steak Diane introduced to Australia

There is some dispute about the origins of Steak Diane but it was almost certainly introduced to Australia by Tony… Read More

1937 Earliest known Chocolate Crackles recipe

Chocolate Crackles are small, chocolate-flavoured cakes made from Rice Bubbles, coconut and Copha. The earliest Chocolate Crackles recipe so far… Read More

1936 Seafood cocktail on the beach

In 1936, The Mail, Adelaide, published a recipe for seafood cocktail as a suggestion for a beach party. It's unclear… Read More

1933 Chocolate Ripple Cake

Brockhoff's Chocolate Ripple biscuits were introduced in the early 1930s and the first recipes for Chocolate Ripple Cake appeared in… Read More

1929 Avocado on toast first mentioned

  In an article in The Telegraph, Brisbane, in 1929, Margaret Cullen wrote about Robert Walsh's Redcliffe garden where avocados… Read More

1927 Emily McPherson College opens

The Emily McPherson College was originally known as the College of Domestic Economy,  opened in 1907. By the mid-1920s, the… Read More

1925 Quickfri miracle cooking pan

The Quickfri pan was an English invention and was on the market in Australia the same year it was introduced in… Read More

1923 Green and Gold Cookery Book first published.

The Green and Gold Cookery Book  was one of the earliest ‘charity’ cookbooks and was compiled as a fundraising initiative of King's… Read More

1923 First Australian domestic refrigerator

The first commercially available, Australian-made domestic refrigerator to operate without ice was produced by Edward Hallstrom in 1923. It used kerosene… Read More

1922 Country Women’s Association formed

There's a lot more to the Country Women's Association (known everywhere in Australia just as the CWA) than tea and… Read More

1920 Anzac Biscuit recipe first published

Along with the Pavlova, the Anzac Biscuit has a contested heritage.  There is some dispute about the date of the… Read More

1919 Three Threes Condiments founded

The founder of Three Threes Condiments may not be as famous as one of his workmates, Bert Appleroth who founded… Read More

1917 Gravox invented by Clements Brothers

Time was, Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without the traditional roast at lunchtime. And the traditional roast wouldn't be the same… Read More

1917 Metters ‘Early Kooka’ gas stove introduced

The 'Early Kooka' range of gas stoves was developed by Metters, a company established by Frederick Metters in Adelaide in… Read More

1917 Wartime cookery – sandwich pie

This recipe for sandwich pie dates from 1917, when Australia was at war. Patriotism required those on the home front… Read More

1915 Fowlers Vacola home bottling kits

Although the Fowlers Vacola name came later, Joseph Fowler began selling his home bottling kits in 1915. Initially, the kits… Read More

1914 Barker’s Paper Patty Pans introduced

The cupcake craze of the early 21st century could not have taken off without paper patty pans. These fluted waxed… Read More

1914 Commonsense Cookery Book

The first issue of the Commonsense Cookery Book was produced by the NSW Public School Cookery Teachers Association in 1914 and… Read More

1913 Pumpkin scones recipe published

Although pumpkins (or their seeds) arrived in Australia with the First Fleet and scones had their origin in Scotland sometime in… Read More

1908 Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe

Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1908? In Australia?  Yes, we discovered this Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe in the household hints section… Read More

1907 College of Domestic Economy founded in Melbourne

The College of Domestic Economy was founded to give  women an education in domestic arts and sciences. It offered diploma… Read More

1905 The Kalgoorlie electric stove

The world's first patent for a household electric stove was issued to David Curle Smith, the Kalgoorlie Municipal Electrical Engineer, in… Read More

1901 Neenish tarts recipe

No-one really knows the origin of neenish tarts, the bi-coloured pastries still widely available in Aussie cake shops. The first… Read More

1900 Lamingtons invented

There are various stories (probably apocryphal) about how lamingtons were invented.  However, it seems likely that they were devised by… Read More

1898 Hannah Maclurcan’s cook book

Hannah Maclurcan achieved considerable fame with her 1898 cookbook Mrs Maclurcan's Cookery Book: A Collection of Practical Recipes, Specially Suitable… Read More

1898 White Wings founded

In Australia, when you say cake mix, the first name that springs to mind is likely to be White Wings.… Read More

1897 Origin of Melba toast

While not an Australian dish, Melba toast belongs here thanks to its name. Invented by noted chef Escoffier at London’s… Read More

1892 Early mention of banana bread

Articles published in the 1890s urged Queensland banana growers to produce  banana flour, claiming that the banana bread produced from… Read More

1890s Pie floater invented in Port Pirie, SA

The quintessentially South Australian pie floater was reputedly invented by a Port Pirie baker known as Ern ‘Shorty’ Bradley. It… Read More

1886 Dishwasher patented by Josephine Cochran

The first patent for a dish-washing machine was issued in 1850 in the USA, but the machine was never put… Read More

1885 Gramma pie recipe

Although references to gramma squash can be found in Newcastle market reports from the 1850s, the vegetable had almost certainly… Read More

1879 First Greek fish and chip shop 

Athanassio Comino hailed from the Greek island of Kythera and arrived in Sydney in 1873. Although some accounts say he… Read More

1870 “Colonial goose” canned in Melbourne

"Colonial goose" had nothing to do with poultry. It was a joint of mutton, boned, stuffed and rolled, to be… Read More

1864 Australia’s first cookbook

The English and Australian Cookery Book. Cookery for the Many, as Well as for the “Upper Ten Thousand”  (London, 1864),… Read More

1861 Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management

This English cook book was equally popular in the British colonies and became a household bible for many Australian households.… Read More

Early 1850s – Bull Boar sausages in Daylesford region

They weren't called Bull Boar sausages at the time. But when Italian and Italian-speaking Swiss immigrants formed a community on… Read More

1853 Bush-cookery by Caroline Chisholm

In a book titled The Emigrant’s Guide to Australia: With a Memoir of Mrs. Chisholm, published in 1853, Eneas Mackenzie included what… Read More

1853 First gas stoves in Australia

The first U.S. patent on a gas stove was granted in 1825 and the first English patent in 1826 but… Read More

1843 Baking powder invented

It's generally acknowledged that the first true baking powder was made by British chemist Alfred Bird in 1843. He was… Read More

1843 Earliest cookbook published in Australia

Although it was long thought that Australia's first cookbook was  The English and Australian Cookery Book: Cookery for the Many,… Read More

1841 Cornish pasty arrives with miners

In fact, the Cornish pasty most likely arrived in South Australia earlier than 1841. By this time, some 941 Cornish… Read More

1836 Parrot pie for Christmas

One of the first settlers to arrive in Adelaide in 1836, Mary Thomas, wrote that she had celebrated Christmas according… Read More

1825 Australian ‘damper’ first mentioned

Damper, the traditional bushman's bread originally made from flour, water and salt and cooked in the campfire, was first mentioned… Read More

Pre-1770 Indigenous food timeline

Australia’s first inhabitants had an oral, not a written tradition. Although their rock art and the archaeological record can tell… Read More

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