1790 Food crisis in Port Jackson

In 1790, the colonists at Port Jackson faced their harshest conditions. Early attempts at agriculture had produced little. While hunting… Read More

1789 Australia’s first free farmer

Although James Ruse was Australia's first free farmer, he began farming while still a convict. At the age of 23,… Read More

1788 Parramatta settled by colonists

Founded in 1788 as the colony's second settlement, Parramatta means "the place where the eels lie" in the Dharug Aboriginal… Read More

1788 Government farm established

A priority for the first settlers was to cultivate the land and begin producing their own food. Within two months… Read More

1788 First apple trees in Tasmania

Early explorers did not hesitate to introduce familiar plants to the places they visited. In 1788, William Bligh anchored the… Read More

1788 Farming on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island was settled by a party under the command of Lieutenant King  just five weeks after the First Fleet… Read More

Pre-1788 Aboriginal food sources

Prior to European settlement, Australia’s indigenous people were primarily (although perhaps not exclusively) nomadic, moving from place to place to… Read More

Pre-1770 Indigenous food timeline

Australia’s first inhabitants had an oral, not a written tradition. Although their rock art and the archaeological record can tell… Read More

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