2022 Butter Board craze on TicToc

In the 2020s the new food influencers are all using Tic Toc. And on 15 September 2022, one of the… Read More

2020 TikTok’s #Food takes off during pandemic

For more than a decade, Instagram was the platform where avid foodies flocked to see carefully arranged plates and gourmet… Read More

2020 McDonald’s vegetable burger launched

Given the trend towards vegetable-based eating, it took McDonald's Australia some time to catch up with a non-meat burger. Launched… Read More

2019 Aussie food favourites on coins

In 2019, The Royal Australian Mint issued a series of one-dollar coins featuring a range of Australian symbols on the… Read More

2017 Good Food Guide goes national

Instead of publishing a separate book for each state, in 2017 Fairfax made the move to a national Good Food… Read More

2016 Halal snack pack is People’s Choice Word of the Year

The Macquarie Dictionary named 'halal snack pack' as a runner-up word of the year for 2016, behind 'fake news'.  However,… Read More

2013 McDonald’s becomes Macca’s

For a few weeks leading up to Australia Day in 2013,  McDonald's in Australia became 'Macca's', on the website, in… Read More

2010 Instagram food photography begins

Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger could hardly have predicted the effect their new social media platform would have… Read More

2010 MasterChef trumps politicians

The culinary contest/reality TV MasterChef series proved so popular in Australia that it outranked national politicians.  The pre-election television debate between… Read More

2009 MasterChef TV series airs

The first of the MasterChef Australia TV series went to air on 27 April and kept viewers enthralled until 19… Read More

2007 25th anniversary of “Good Living”

The 25th anniversary of Good Living in the Sydney Morning Herald prompted a feature wherein several of the Good Living… Read More

2007 Locavore is word of the year

The term "locavore" was named the Word of the Year for 2007 in the Oxford American Dictionary. Locavore was coined by… Read More

2006 First Indigenous celebrity chef

The TV series Outback Café was not Mark Olive's first appearance on the small screen - he had previously hosted… Read More

2006 Food books are big sellers

Two million food books, worth almost sixty million dollars, were sold in Australia in 2006 (Neilsen Bookscan). Writing about food and… Read More

2005 Lamb for Australia Day

As a response to declining lamb sales, the Australian  Meat and Livestock Corporation recruited former Aussie Rules footballer and media… Read More

2004 Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me

The American documentary film Super Size Me by director Morgan Spurlock aimed to expose the evils of fast food. The film… Read More

2002 delicious. magazine launched

Precious spelling (with a lower case d and a full stop) didn't prevent this ABC-backed magazine from proving a success.… Read More

2002 Gastronomy degree introduced

The Graduate degree program in Gastronomy (which led to a Master of Arts in Gastronomy) was a collaboration between Le… Read More

2001 Donna Hay magazine launched

The former food editor at Murdoch Magazine’s Marie Claire, Donna Hay had a trademark style of simple recipes and clean,… Read More

2001 Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation

Eric Schlosser’s book Fast Food Nation:The Dark Side of the All-American Meal explores the global influence of the American fast… Read More

1998 SMH Good Food Month launched

The Sydney Morning Herald sponsored Sydney's Good Food Month in October as an adjunct to their Good Food Guide. The… Read More

1997 The Jamie phenomenon

Jamie Oliver became The Naked Chef. The impossibly jaunty young chef received his big break from appearing on television as… Read More

1995 Arrival of pay TV

The first subscription TV service was Galaxy, which offered eight channels via microwave and satellite. It was followed the same… Read More

1988 The Bush Tucker Man TV series

In the TV series, The Bush Tucker Man, first screened in 1988, Army major Les Hiddins cruised around northern Australia… Read More

1987 Mackay Report on Food in the 1980s

Social researcher Hugh Mackay turned his attention to food. His 1987 Mackay Report, Food and Social Change, available in the… Read More

1986 The Age Cheap Eats Guide launched

Alan Attwood, the Cheap Eats guide's inaugural editor, writes: ‘Ah, 1986. What a year. Bob Hawke was prime minister of… Read More

1984 First Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide

The first Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide, edited by Leo Schofield, David Dale and Jenna Price, began with The… Read More

1982 Australian Association of Food Professionals founded

The Australian Association of Food Professionals Inc (AAFP) was an association of food professionals who had expertise in diverse food-related… Read More

1982 Sydney Morning Herald launches ‘Good Living’

The Good Living supplement first appeared in Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday June 15, 1982. Leo Schofield wrote the cover… Read More

1980 The term ‘foodie’ invented

Although the term 'foodie', for someone who is keenly interested in all things food, was first used by Gael Greene… Read More

1980 The Age Good Food Guide arrives

In 1980,The Age Good Food Guide was published for the first time. The Age already had a popular food section,… Read More

Late 1970s Peter Russell-Clarke sells eggs

As question marks were raised about eggs as high-cholesterol food, The Victorian Egg Board enlisted the services of artist, author… Read More

1975 “You oughta be congratulated”

The famous “you oughta be congratulated” advertising campaign was designed to assure mums that Meadow Lea Margarine would not only… Read More

1975 Colour TV introduced in Australia

On 1 March 1975 Australian television stations officially moved to colour. Colour TV had been around for a while overseas… Read More

1971 Smoked oysters fall from grace

1971 was the year when smoked oysters  became socially unacceptable. Playing Stork in the eponymous movie, actor Bruce Spence single-handedly… Read More

1966 Australia’s first food magazines

In 1966, both Epicurean and Australian Gourmet food magazines were founded. Epicurean was the first Australian magazine devoted entirely to… Read More

1962 Len Evans writes Australia’s first wine column

"Cellarmaster", the first regular wine column in an Australian publication, was written by Len Evans in The Bulletin. Evans went… Read More

1960 Margaret Fulton joins Woman’s Day

In 1960, Margaret Fulton, then working at advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, joined the weekly women's magazine Woman's Day as… Read More

1959 Coke’s advertising agency arrives

Testament to the growing importance of global brands, the Coca Cola advertising  agency, McCann–Erickson opened an Australian office in 1959.… Read More

1957 Australia’s first TV chef

Australia's first TV chef was Willi Koeppen. His program, The Chef Presents was one of Australia’s earliest TV cooking programs. It aired on… Read More

1956 Television broadcasting in Australia

Although there had been experimental television broadcasts since the 1920s, public television broadcasting began on 17 October 1956 in Sydney… Read More

1954 Happy Little Vegemites jingle

The Happy Little Vegemites song, used to advertise Australia's iconic Vegemite spread, was written by Alan Weekes of advertising agency… Read More

1950 Betty King debuts as ‘leading home economist’

Betty King, Home Economist, of World Brands Pty Ltd was one of the leading ladies of Australian cookery…the Margaret Fulton… Read More

1933 Australian Women’s Weekly founded

Originally conceived as a weekly newspaper for women, The Australian Women's Weekly became the largest-selling magazine ever circulated in this… Read More

1902 New Idea magazine

Australia’s oldest women’s magazine was launched by Thomas Shaw Fitchett as The New Idea — A Women's Home Journal for Australia.… Read More

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