1954 (?) Choo Choo Bar

The Choo-Choo Bar was originally made by Plaistowe in Western Australia. Hearsay suggests it arrived in the early 1950s – it was certainly advertised by 1954. The wrapper of the chewy liquorice-flavoured toffee bar originally depicted a train being driven by a very non-PC gollywog. Choo-Choos were discontinued sometime in the 1990s after Nestlé acquired Plaistowe, but were revived after Lagoon Confectioners purchased the brand in 2007.

The steam train (the Choo-Choo Funtime Express) on the Choo-Choo Bar wrapper is  being ridden by a cast of cartoon characters. The train remains, but the original gollywog driver has since been replaced by a monkey. There is also a raspberry-flavoured Choo-Choo.

Lagoon Confectioners itself has a long history.  The company began manufacturing in 1929 in South Melbourne opposite the Albert Park Lake. They later moved to Port Melbourne and then to Williamstown North. Before they reinstated the Choo-Choo Bar they were best known for making Sherbert Bombs.

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