Testament to the growing importance of global brands, the Coca Cola  advertising  agency, McCann –Erickson opened an Australian office in 1959. Coke’s ad agency quickly won local brands and adopted the local vernacular, creating campaigns such as ‘Louie the Fly’ and the ‘It’s time’ campaign that propelled Gough Whitlam’s Labor Party into office. It also created the giant ‘Coke’ sign that is a landmark in Sydney’s Kings Cross.

McCann (as it is now known) had been Coke’s ad agency for four years, having been assigned the business in the United States in 1955 as part of a plan to consolidated and integrate U.S. and international advertising. The American agency created Coca-Cola’s “It’s The Real Thing” slogan and advertising campaign, including the famous 1971 commercial that featured the “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” jingle.

Coca Cola sign at Kings Cross originally designed by Coke's ad agency McCann Erickson

In 2016 the lettering of the Coca Cola sign was auctioned off and funds donated to the Wayside Chapel, a charity organisation that cares for the socially disadvantaged at Kings Cross. It was replaced with an LED sign that consumes far less energy.