Taste Festival logoThe Taste Festival, now known as the Taste of Tasmania, is held on the Hobart Waterfront. It begins after Christmas and runs through until after New Year, with the River Derwent and Hobart’s historic wharves and Salamanca precinct providing the backdrop. The festival coincides with the Sydney to Hobart yacht race and includes wine, beer and food stalls, tours, entertainment and tasting tables.

The Taste Festival can’t claim to be the longest-running food and wine festival in Australia. The Barossa Vintage festival, started in 1947 as a local event, takes the honours when it comes to wine. And one assumes, given the unique heritage of the area, a certain amount of food was involved. Another South Australian festival with a lengthy heritage is Tunarama, in Port Lincoln, but while it does include a dinner celebrating the area’s seafood and wine, it’s perhaps more about throwing the food than eating it. The featured event is the annual Tuna Toss – not very respectful of the local catch.

Among capital cities though, the Taste Festival in Hobart was the pioneer. Supported by the city council and ideally timed to take advantage of the hoopla surrounding the Sydney to Hobart yacht race and New Year’s Eve celebrations on the waterfront. The event is free to enter except on New Year’s Eve.

Following Tasmania’s example, many other capital cities and regional towns introduced their own food festivals in the early 1990s. Orange F.O.O.D Week, started in 1991, claims to be Australia’s longest-running food festival, discounting the Hobart,  Barossa and Tunarama claims.