1998 SMH Good Food Month launched

Good Food Month briefly became Sydney-International-Food-Festival

The Sydney Morning Herald sponsored Sydney’s Good Food Month in October as an adjunct to their Good Food Guide. The festival included night noodle markets, picnics, market tours and special events at restaurants. Good Food Month is now sponsored by Citibank and has spread to other Australian capital cities.

The first Good Food Month was announced in the Sydney Morning Herald on 22 September 1998 by Lisa Hudson, editor of the newspaper’s Good Living section. It was designed to showcase “the outstanding quality and diversity of food and wine in NSW”. She wrote…

This program includes all the details of exciting events, offering something for everyone, from star chefs to home barbie cooks, diners after a quick lunch or those wanting to savour a banquet, drinkers of tea and scholars of wine. You can slurp through a bowl of noodles after dark at Circular Quay; catch a ferry and float along with a cocktail in hand; taste some of the finest cheeses from around Australia, and the best wines from NSW…

From 2009 to 2012 Good Food Month became the Sydney International Food Festival as part of Crave Sydney. However, it has since reverted to its original name and has expanded to encompass other Australian cities. The festival still takes place in October in Sydney. In Canberra, it’s in March to coincide with the city’s birthday celebrations while in Perth it’s April, in Melbourne, June, and in Brisbane, July.

The month included a wide range of events, one of the most spectacular in 2009 being a picnic on a grassed-over Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Night Noodle Markets have been an ongoing feature of the festival in each of the cities.

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