Iced Vo Vo biscuitThe Iced Vo Vo is a sweet biscuit first made by Arnott’s around 1904.  It has two strips of pink icing and a strip of jam on top and is covered in desiccated coconut. Sales of the biscuit were boosted when Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, referred to it in his victory speech after the 2007 election, saying: “Friends, tomorrow, the work begins. You can have a strong cup of tea if you want, even an Iced VoVo on the way through. But the celebration stops there.”

Although Arnott’s trade-marked the name Iced Vo Vo  in 1906, an advertisement for “Arnott’s Famous Newcastle Biscuits” published in 1904 mentions the Vovo as ‘delicious and dainty”. A New Zealander has put forward a claim that Aulsebrook’s, a Kiwi biscuit company established in the 1860s, were the first to make Iced Vovos. He couldn’t resist a little gloating about the pavlova at the same time. However, after a little more research, he has conceded that Arnott’s may have a stronger case.

It makes a good story. You can read more about it on his blog, longwhitekid.