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A Timeline of Australian Food: from mutton to MasterChef

The  Sydney Daily Telegraph said: “…fabulous illustrated stroll through the history of our dining habits…A fun, delicious and nostalgic journey.”

And Good Weekend called it“…a crisp, informed, sometimes ironic account: part trip down memory lane, part national history reflected in what we ate and eat. And always entertaining.”

A Timeline of Australian Food: from mutton to MasterChef chronicled 150 years of Australian food, beginning with the first Australian cookbook in the 1860s and ending in 2010 with the game-changing cooking show, MasterChef. It was presented as a timeline; decade by decade it looks at what we’ve eaten, how we’ve shopped and how we’ve produced our food.

Sadly, the distributor has informed me that the book is now officially “out of print”. I’m not sure whether that means it has been remaindered, pulped or sold out. So you can’t buy one from your bookstore or order online anymore.  Your local library may have a copy. You can find comments and reviews here.

Me and My Big Mouth – Living through Australia’s food revolution

Me and My Big Mouth is a personal account of how Australian food has changed in the baby boomers’ lifetime. It’s the story of a generation that can remember life before pizza – a generation that has seen the demise of the local grocer and, decades later, the resurrection of the small local deli.

As well as taking a nostalgic look at growing up in the 1950s and 60s, this memoir gives you an insider’s view of the “Mad Men” era of Australian advertising – a time when lunches were long and liquid, television was the new medium, and jingles were all the rage. It embarks on various culinary journeys – on the ‘hippy-trail from Kathmandu to London, in the old cities of Europe and around Australia’s perimeter – and finally comes to rest in country New South Wales.

You can order a soft cover copy (allow a little time for shipping) or buy it from the Kindle Store as an eBook. To buy the book,   just follow these links:

Buy the paperback of Me and My Big Mouth from Blurb here.

Buy the Kindle version of Me and My Big Mouth from the Kindle store here.

To request review copies contact me directly.

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