new Rosella logoIn 2016 a brand that can trace its history back to 1895 opted for a new look.  Appropriately enough, the new Rosella logo first appeared on the brand’s most iconic product – Tomato Sauce. The Eastern Rosella remained the centrepiece of the logo, but now the bird is spreading its wings.


As it was

The Rosella brand was acquired by its current owners, Sabrands, after the collapse of the manufacturing operation under its previous owners, Gourmet Food Holdings.

According to the Sabrands,  the new Rosella logo was “the most dramatic change in the company’s visual identity for 20 years.We have revisited the grassroots of our original logo whilst preserving the distinctive, native Eastern Rosella and have given it flight to represent the company continuing to keep pace with modern Australian eating. The new design will appeal to a new generation of Australian families by capturing the essence of our Australian Spirit, our vibrancy, energy and our free spirit.” OK then.

The new Rosella logo first appeared on the 600ml sauce bottle, on shelves nationally in all Coles, Woolworths and Independents in November 2016.

Rosella grew from a backyard company to employ more than 1000 people in the early 1930s.  When Unilever bought the company in 1963 there were six factories, the last of which was closed in 2013 after two more changes of ownership.

The brand was then acquired by Sabrands, a company founded in Australia in 1977 by executive chairman Dan Presser. Sabrands also own fruit juice brands Sunraysia and Devondale and say they are committed to using only Australian ingredients in all their products.