2011 Politically correct product of the year

Australian supermarket Product of the Year was Organic Bubs Baby Food Pouches. This product ticked all the right boxes by being carbon neutral, organic, no preservatives, no artificial flavours and made in Australia. And it’s mess-free (until they start eating it, presumably).

Organic Bubs say they believe the food babies eat helps create who they are – hence the following sales pitch:

Bubs organic baby food is crammed with ancient grains & nutrient rich superfoods to nourish your little one, keeping their tiny growing bodies safe from nasty pesticides & GMOs. 

NO preservatives. NO artificial flavours. NO nasties. Just real organic food born & made in Australia!”

As well as the Organic Bubs product that was named Product of the Year, the company has introduced goat milk products that “are naturally digested, making them a nourishing alternative for tots with sensitive tummies. “

The Product of the Year awards originated in France in the 1980s and operate in 30 countries around the world.  Awards are made in various categories and to qualify for entry must demonstrate innovation and have been launched within the previous year. After being reviewed to ensure they meet those criteria, products are chosen as winners in their category through a nationally representative online study conducted by Nielsen research. More than 13,000 people vote for the winners.

Winners are entitled to display the logo on their products for a year – at a price. It’s free for manufacturers to enter the competition, but all Australian finalists pay a fee of $6,500. Winners need to pay $18,500. In 2017 Aldi faced quite a hefty winner’s bill – with 16 category winners they were up for $296,000.

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