1798 James Squire’s tavern licensed

James Squire is generally acknowledged to be Australia's first commercial brewer of hopped beer. His tavern, The Malting Shovel, at… Read More

1797 Shipwreck leads to world’s oldest beer

When the ship Sydney Cove was wrecked north of the Tasmanian mainland in 1797, more than 31,500 litres of alcohol… Read More

1797 Australia’s first coin

  The first coin to become official currency in New South Wales was the cartwheel penny, minted in London in… Read More

1797 First windmill in Sydney town

The first windmill in Sydney Town was built by the military on a site which later became the location of… Read More

1796 Australia’s first pubs

The first ten liquor licences in New South Wales were issued in 1796 by Governor Captain John Hunter. The measure… Read More

1794 Hawkesbury area settled

Settlement of the Hawkesbury area was initiated by Lieutenant Governor Major Francis Grose to help make the colony self-supporting. The… Read More

1793-1810 The Rum Corps

Successive governors of New South Wales failed to control the excesses of the officers of the New South Wales Corps,… Read More

1793 Poor harvest causes hardship

While Governor Phillip had insisted on equal rations for all in the new colony, his successor, Major Francis Grose, was less equitable.… Read More

1793 John Macarthur’s Elizabeth Farm

John Macarthur was a lieutenant in the New South Wales Corps who arrived with the Second Fleet in 1890. In… Read More

1792 Kissing Point settled

At first named Eastern Farms, this area of what is now Ryde became known as Kissing Point by 1794. It… Read More

1792 First Tasmanian garden

The French navigator, Antoine Bruni d'Entrecasteaux, visited and named Recherche Bay on the extreme south-east corner of Tasmania in 1792… Read More

1792 Water mill at Parramatta

Construction of the first government water mill began in 1792 at Parramatta. Thomas Allen, previously employed at King’s Mill, Rotherhithe… Read More

1790 Food crisis in Port Jackson

In 1790, the colonists at Port Jackson faced their harshest conditions. Early attempts at agriculture had produced little. While hunting… Read More

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