1808 Australia’s first solar salt

In the first years of the colony, salt was a valuable import and essential for preserving meat. Salt-making efforts began… Read More

1807 Tasmania’s first licensed public house

The Tasmanian Hospitality Association claims that the first legally licensed public house opened in Hobart Town’s first year of settlement.… Read More

1806 Food crisis in Van Diemen’s Land

Within three years of the first settlement in Van Diemen's Land, food supplies were so low the Governor, Colonel David… Read More

1806 First Sydney market

In the early days of the colony, produce from farms at Kissing Point and Parramatta was unloaded and sold at… Read More

1805 Sydney’s first commercial dairy

Sydney's first commercial dairy was built by Dr John Harris on his Ultimo estate, now an inner suburb.  Harris was… Read More

1805 Whaling industry begins in Australia

The whaling industry was important to the early economy of New South Wales. The first Sydney-owned ship set sail in… Read More

1804 Tasmania’s first game law

The first European settlement in Van Diemen's Land was in 1803. Immediately, the new arrivals began to shoot native birds… Read More

1803 Colonial food prices

From March 1803, the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser reported prices for goods landed at Sydney Wharf from the… Read More

1801 First food standards regulations

Governor Philip Gidley King introduced Australia's first food standards regulations in 1801. The regulations concerned the baking of bread and… Read More

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