1829 First Chinese publican

Mak Sai Ying (who became known as John Shying) was the first documented Chinese landholder in New South Wales. He… Read More

1829 First WA settlers required to farm

Although a small military contingent set up camp at Albany in 1826, the first permanent colonists did not settle there… Read More

1826 Pineapples first brought to Australia

Although some reports indicate that the first pineapples were brought to Australia by German missionaries who had travelled to Australia… Read More

1826 Rankin’s cheese in Bathurst

Dairy Australia asserts that the first commercial cheese factory in Australia was that of the Van Diemen's Land (VDL) Company… Read More

1825 Australian ‘damper’ first mentioned

Damper, the traditional bushman's bread originally made from flour, water and salt and cooked in the campfire, was first mentioned… Read More

1824 Mud crabs at Moreton Bay

The mud crab is one of Queensland's most famous delicacies, currently (2023) selling at the Sydney fish market for more… Read More

1824 Clydesdale horse imported to Van Diemen’s Land

Along with other heavy breeds, the Clydesdale horse has played a significant role in Australia's development, particularly in agriculture and… Read More

1823 Tasmania’s first commercial vineyard

Around 1823, ex-convict Bartholomew Broughton planted vines and fruit trees at Prospect creating what became Tasmania's first commercial vineyard.  By… Read More

1822 First Australian wine exports

Although vines arrived with the First Fleet, Gregory Blaxland (one of the conquerors of the Blue Mountains) made the first… Read More

1822 European honey bees introduced

Although there were earlier attempts to import European honey bees to Australia, most sources agree that the first successful introduction… Read More

1822 Agricultural Society of NSW formed

The Agricultural Society of NSW was formed in 1822, holding its first Show the following year. The Shows, known originally… Read More

1820 Kangaroo steamer first described

In her book Bold Palates, Barbara Santich writes that Kangaroo Steamer was first described by naval officer and author Charles… Read More

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