1859 Wild rabbits released by Thomas Austin

In December 1859, the Geelong Advertiser reported that grazier Thomas Austin had imported "a considerable addition to the sporting livestock… Read More

1858 Café de Paris restaurant opened in Melbourne

The Café de Paris restaurant was among the earliest European-style restaurants to open in Melbourne, although four-penny, six-penny and shilling restaurants… Read More

1857 First reference to the counter lunch

In 1857, newspapers in Melbourne carried advertisements for Gregory's Tavern and Restaurant at the Hall of Commerce Hotel, announcing the… Read More

1857 Swan Brewery founded in Perth

In 1857, Frederick Sherwood founded the Swan Brewery on the banks of the Swan River. After his death in 1874,… Read More

1856 Melbourne’s first Spanish restaurant

In 1856 an establishment called the Spanish Restaurant was operating in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. It seems that it was a… Read More

1855 Murray cod commercial fishery

The Moira Lake Fishing Company (later known as the Murray River Fishing Company) was founded by Joseph Waldo Rice in… Read More

1855 James Harrison patents refrigeration system

Newspaper proprietor James Harrison, of Geelong in Victoria, was among the pioneers of refrigeration. He created Australia's first vapour-compression refrigeration… Read More

1854 Swallow & Ariell biscuit company

Swallow and Ariell was founded by Thomas Swallow in 1854. He claimed it to be the first biscuit company in Australia, despite… Read More

1854? First pasta factory in Australia

The Old Macaroni Factory in Hepburn Springs, Victoria, was built by brothers Giacomo and Pietro Lucini in 1859. It is… Read More

1854 Australia’s oldest bakery

There are a number of businesses claiming to be Australia's oldest bakery. Among them is Balfours Bakery of South Australia,… Read More

1854 Sarsaparilla soft drink introduced

The first people to sell it in Tasmania called it "The great American beverage". So what's sarsaparilla doing in a… Read More

1854 John Alloo opens Chinese restaurant

Although cookshops operated by Chinese immigrants had no doubt existed earlier, it seems that the first documented Chinese restaurant was… Read More

1854 First Victorian railway refreshment room

In Victoria, railway refreshment rooms are as old as the railways themselves. The first railway, constructed by the Melbourne and Hobson's… Read More

1854 D and J Fowler founded in Adelaide

Like many early Australian businesses that became big names in the food industry,  D and J Fowler Ltd began as… Read More

Early 1850s – Bull Boar sausages in Daylesford region

They weren't called Bull Boar sausages at the time. But when Italian and Italian-speaking Swiss immigrants formed a community on… Read More

1853 Bush-cookery by Caroline Chisholm

In a book titled The Emigrant’s Guide to Australia: With a Memoir of Mrs. Chisholm, published in 1853, Eneas Mackenzie included what… Read More

1853 Paddle steamers on the Murray

River navigation became an important way to transport goods and supplies to and from farming districts. The first of the… Read More

1853 First gas stoves in Australia

The first U.S. patent on a gas stove was granted in 1825 and the first English patent in 1826 but… Read More

1853 Melbourne’s oldest pub

Melbourne's first pubs sprang up not long after European settlement began. These early establishments, often of primitive wattle and daub… Read More

1853 Origins of Balfours bakery

Famous for frog cakes,  square pies and custard tarts, as well as the cafés they ran in Adelaide for many… Read More

1852 Vegetable garden on Victorian goldfields

As men deserted their farms to try their luck at the goldfields, production of food in Victoria fell dramatically. Food… Read More

1852 First trade tokens made in Australia

Trade tokens were unofficial coins produced by merchants and traders and were accepted by local businesses at their face value.… Read More

1852 Guest’s Biscuits begins in Sydney

Teddy Bears, Ginger Nuts, Butternut Snaps, Clix - today they're all part of the Arnott's biscuit range. But these old… Read More

1851 Gold rush brings immigrants

Gold was discovered in New South Wales in 1851, initiating Australia's first gold rush. Subsequent discoveries in Victoria attracted immigrants… Read More

1850 Origin of Menz Confectionery

Menz Confectionery is the company behind one of South Australia's most cherished sweet treats, the FruChoc - a cube of… Read More

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