1889 Hoadley’s Preserving Works established

At the age of 21, Abel Hoadley migrated from England to Australia, arriving in 1865. By the early 1880s he… Read More

1889 Bundaberg rum first produced

The Bundaberg Distilling Company was formed in 1888 to supplement returns from the local sugar industry and to make use… Read More

1888 Rice mill in North Queensland

Chinese prospectors attracted to north Queensland's goldfields were responsible for the first successful cultivation of rice in Australia, seeking to… Read More

1887 Tasmanian apples shipped to England

The introduction of refrigerated shipping allowed more primary produce to be transported around the world. The first cargo of cool-storage… Read More

1887 Foster’s Lager first brewed

Although Foster's Lager was not the first lager to be brewed in Australia (lager beer was first produced commercially by… Read More

1887 Chop suey described in Australia

In 1887, a column widely syndicated in Australian newspapers introduced readers to the joys of a Chinese restaurant in New… Read More

1887 Yates seeds in Australia

Arthur Yates established his Australian seed business in 1887 as a branch office of the Yates business in Auckland, New… Read More

1886 Junket goes commercial

What is junket? Essentially, it's a dessert made from milk set with rennet, an enzyme naturally produced in the stomachs… Read More

1886 Brownes Dairy founded in Perth

Brownes Dairy is Western Australia's and, they claim, Australia's oldest dairy company. The company traces its history back to 1886… Read More

1886 Melbourne Beefsteak Club founded

Australia's oldest food society, the Melbourne Beefsteak Club, was founded in May 1886.  Members were from business, professional and academic… Read More

1886 Dishwasher patented by Josephine Cochran

The first patent for a dish-washing machine was issued in 1850 in the USA, but the machine was never put… Read More

1886 Marchants soft drinks founded

At one point, Marchants was the largest manufacturer of soft drinks in Australia. As with many other manufacturers, its name… Read More

1886 Australian Vegetarian Society founded

The first Australian Vegetarian Society was formed in Melbourne on June 16 1886 to 'induce habits of abstinence from the… Read More

1886 Coca-Cola invented in USA

Coca-Cola remains Australia's most popular soft drink but its history began on the other side of the Pacific. Coca-Cola syrup… Read More

1886 Chaffey brothers’ irrigation schemes

George and William Chaffey  were Canadians who had worked on irrigation schemes in California. They  were invited to Australia by… Read More

1885 Brown Brothers founded in King Valley

Brown Brothers trace their origins back to 1885 when John Francis Brown planted 10 acres (4 hectares) of mostly Riesling,… Read More

1885 Gramma pie recipe

Although references to gramma squash can be found in Newcastle market reports from the 1850s, the vegetable had almost certainly… Read More

1885 First Balfours café opens in Rundle Street Adelaide

It was effectively the first Balfours café, but it was known at the time as Calder & Balfour’s Tea and… Read More

1885 Bee sanctuary created on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island in South Australia is believed to be home to the world's only remaining colony of pure bred Ligurian… Read More

1885 Origin of Doyles at Watsons Bay

The Doyle family trace their restaurant's history back to 1885 when Alice Doyle's grandparents, Henry Newton and his wife Hannah… Read More

1884 King & Godfree store in Carlton, Victoria

The story of King & Godfree, Melbourne's most famous delicatessen, is a tale of three owners: the Richards Brothers, Messrs.… Read More

1883 Cattle overlanded to the Kimberley

The northward expansion of Western Australia’s pastoral industry initially took place by sea, with sheep shipped to the De Grey… Read More

1883 Australia’s first agricultural college

Australia's first agricultural college was founded at Roseworthy, 50km north of Adelaide in 1883. It was followed in 1886 by… Read More

1883 Bushell’s Tea introduced in Brisbane

Alfred Thomas Bushell was no stranger to the tea business when he arrived in Brisbane in 1883 and opened his… Read More

1883 Emu Burgundy brand registered

Emu Burgundy became Australia's most significant export brand in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1862, Patrick Auld… Read More

1882 Brockhoff’s Biscuits founded

Adolph Brockhoff established his flour mill and bakery in North Melbourne in 1882. His son Frederick took over the company… Read More

1882 Easter Show established at Moore Park, Sydney

The Agricultural Society of New South Wales held its first exhibition in the year of its founding in 1822. Known… Read More

1882 Cohn Brothers first Australian lager

Three Danish brothers, Moritz, Julius and Jacob Cohn arrived in Bendigo  in 1853. In 1856 they began making cider and… Read More

1882 Sixpenny restaurants in Melbourne

A story titled "Life in Australia" was published in Reynolds's Newspaper in London in 1882. It described the type of… Read More

1881 Australia’s first dairy cooperative

The first dairy cooperative (and Australia's first agricultural cooperative), the South Coast and West Camden Co-operative Ltd., was formed by… Read More

1880 MacRobertson confectionery founded

MacRobertson confectionery had humble beginnings in the Fitzroy, Victoria, home of Macpherson Robertson. Born on the Victorian goldfields in 1859,… Read More

c1880 The Furphy water cart invented

Not every business can brag about their name going into the language, but that's the case for  J. Furphy &… Read More

1880s Macadamia nuts commercially grown

Aboriginal people had been eating the native macadamia nuts for thousands of years, but they were not eaten by white… Read More

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