1899 Lord Lamington’s banquet

A satirical verse, titled Lamington's Banquet, was published in The Worker. It detailed a formal banquet menu, fairly typical for… Read More

1899 Australia’s first health food store?

In 1899, the Sanitarium Health Food Co. opened a shop in Maitland, New South Wales, selling goods produced in their… Read More

1899 Cairns Coffee Growers Association formed

While coffee seed arrived with the First Fleet, the sprouted plants soon withered in the Port Jackson climate. Experiments with… Read More

1899 Introduction of Granose, predecessor to Weet-Bix

Granose flaked wheat biscuits were first made by Kellogg in the USA in the mid 1890s. In May 1899, the… Read More

1898 Hannah Maclurcan’s cook book

Hannah Maclurcan achieved considerable fame with her 1898 cookbook Mrs Maclurcan's Cookery Book: A Collection of Practical Recipes, Specially Suitable… Read More

1898 Sanitarium peanut butter

Australia’s first commercially available peanut butter was made by the Sanitarium Health Food Company and introduced in 1898. It was… Read More

1898 Fasoli’s Italian restaurant opens in Melbourne

The Italian restaurant in Australia has a longer history than you might suppose. Yes, we can largely thank post-WWII immigrants… Read More

Late 1890s Coolgardie safe invented

The Coolgardie safe uses evaporation to keep the food inside cool, while protecting it from flies and scavengers. It was… Read More

1897 Hamodava is the first fair trade tea

The Hamodava Tea Company was created by the Australian branch of the Salvation Army in 1897. It was the idea… Read More

1897 Origin of Melba toast

While not an Australian dish, Melba toast belongs here thanks to its name. Invented by noted chef Escoffier at London’s… Read More

1897 Pasteurised milk introduced

Pasteurised milk wasn't legally mandated in Australia until the 1950s, but in 1897 the New South Wales Fresh Food and… Read More

1895 Packham Pear developed in Molong, NSW

The Packham pear, which today accounts for approximately 60 per cent of Australia's pear production, was developed by Charles Packham… Read More

1895 Plaistowe Confectionery founded

Hugh Plaistowe was born in London where he worked in his father’s confectionery business. In 1895, in partnership with a… Read More

1895 Rosella Preserving Company founded

Partners  H.R. McCracken (a commission agent) and T.J. Press (a grocer) converted their backyard  jam and fruit preserving operation into… Read More

1894 Founding of Leggo’s

Think Leggo’s is Italian? Nope. Their heritage is Cornish. Henry Madren Leggo was the son of Cornish immigrants who arrived… Read More

1893 Cafe Denat opens in Melbourne

The restaurant that was to evolve into Café Florentino opened its doors in Melbourne's Little Collins Street in 1893. The… Read More

1893 Height of 1890s depression

The 1890s depression in Australia occurred after the land boom bubble of the 1880s burst. Overseas investment dried up, banks… Read More

1893 Shelley’s soft drinks founded in Broken Hill

According to the Shelley family, the origin of Shelley's soft drinks can be traced back to 1893 in Broken Hill.… Read More

1893 Mediterranean diet recommended

In 1893, health reformer Dr Philip Muskett bemoaned the amount of meat eaten by Australians. His book The Art of… Read More

1892 Early mention of banana bread

Articles published in the 1890s urged Queensland banana growers to produce  banana flour, claiming that the banana bread produced from… Read More

1892 Hopetoun Tea Rooms in Melbourne

Melbourne's oldest tea rooms, the Hopetoun Tea Rooms, were originally set up as a small tea room in the fashionable… Read More

1891 Hargreaves cannery in Brisbane

John Hargreaves was Yorkshire born, emigrating to Melbourne in 1872. He moved to Brisbane in 1886 and set up a… Read More

1891 Italian labour for the cane fields

Much has been written about the Italian influence on Australia's cuisine as a result of post-WWII immigration. That period, thanks… Read More

1891 Allen’s confectionery founded

Alfred Weaver Allen began making his own confectionery in 1891 in a shed behind his Fitzroy shop. The founder of… Read More

1891 Sargents Pies first made

Sargents Pies were first produced by George and Charlotte Sargent at their shop in Paddington. The small pies sold for… Read More

1891 Quong Tart opens his first Sydney tea room

Quong Tart was born in Canton, migrated to Australia at the age of nine and was raised by a Scots family… Read More

1891 Henry Jones IXL jam company founded

Henry Jones had worked from the age of 12 for Hobart jam manufacturer George Peacock, rising to become foreman. When… Read More

1890? Chokos introduced to Queensland

There's no telling exactly when chokos arrived in Australia. The plant renowned for scrambling over backyard chookhouses and dunnies is… Read More

1890s Frozen rabbit industry takes off

The introduction of refrigerated railway cars made it viable to ship frozen meat, including frozen rabbit, to major cities and… Read More

1890s Pie floater invented in Port Pirie, SA

The quintessentially South Australian pie floater was reputedly invented by a Port Pirie baker known as Ern ‘Shorty’ Bradley. It… Read More

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