1919 Three Threes Condiments founded

The founder of Three Threes Condiments may not be as famous as one of his workmates, Bert Appleroth who founded… Read More

1919 Spanish Flu disrupts food supplies

In the wake of World War I, returning soldiers brought the so-called "Spanish" influenza to Australia. Around 40 per cent… Read More

1918 SPC (Shepparton Fruit Preserving Company) founded

In 1917 a group of fruit growers in Victoria's Goulburn Valley decided to form a cooperative which they named the… Read More

1918 Inghams Chicken founded

Inghams Chicken was founded by Walter Ingham in what was then the rural area of Casula in New South Wales,… Read More

1918 Darwin beer rebellion

In 1918, beer prices became a trigger for what became known as the Darwin Rebellion. When an angry crowd marched… Read More

1917 The Berliner becomes the Kitchener Bun

During World War I, the antipathy towards all things German even extended to food. In South Australia, the popular doughnut-like… Read More

1917 Gravox invented by Clements Brothers

Time was, Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without the traditional roast at lunchtime. And the traditional roast wouldn't be the same… Read More

1917 Metters ‘Early Kooka’ gas stove introduced

The 'Early Kooka' range of gas stoves was developed by Metters, a company established by Frederick Metters in Adelaide in… Read More

1917 Wartime cookery – sandwich pie

This recipe for sandwich pie dates from 1917, when Australia was at war. Patriotism required those on the home front… Read More

1916 World’s first self-service grocery store

The world’s first self-service grocery store, Piggly Wiggly, opened in Memphis Tennessee. Clarence Saunders, the founder of Piggly Wiggly, claimed to… Read More

1916 Copha trade mark registered

The Copha trade mark was applied to a shortening made from coconut oil and was registered by Lever Brothers, the… Read More

1916 Kraft cheese process patented

James L Kraft was an American cheese merchant who wanted to produce a cheese with better keeping qualities. His pasteurised,… Read More

1915 Six o’clock closing introduced in South Australia

Six o'clock closing was introduced for pubs in South Australia in 1915.  The following year, Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria… Read More

1915 Haigh’s Chocolates founded in Adelaide

Alfred Earnest Haigh opened for business in Adelaide's Beehive Building on 1 May 1915. Haigh's Chocolates became an Adelaide icon,… Read More

1915 Fowlers Vacola home bottling kits

Although the Fowlers Vacola name came later, Joseph Fowler began selling his home bottling kits in 1915. Initially, the kits… Read More

1915 Murray River Waters Agreement ratified

The Murray River, Australia's longest river, is bordered by three states: New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. This has… Read More

1915 Army rations in World War I

Bully beef and biscuits are the stuff of legend when it comes to army rations. However, although this was largely… Read More

1915 First soldier settler legislation

During and after WWI, soldier settler schemes were initiated to provide a livelihood for returning servicemen.  Five years after the… Read More

1914 Tango suppers the rage in Melbourne

In 1913, the tango craze swept Europe, Britain and America.  Australia was not far behind. In March 2014 the Paris… Read More

1914 Letona founded as Leeton State Cannery

Letona is another of Australia's forgotten brands. Despite growing to be one of the largest fruit-canning operations in the country,… Read More

1914 Earnest Hillier makes first Australian chocolates

After running what he claimed to be Australia's first soda fountain at Sydney's Imperial Skating Rink, Earnest Hillier opened his… Read More

1914 Barker’s Paper Patty Pans introduced

The cupcake craze of the early 21st century could not have taken off without paper patty pans. These fluted waxed… Read More

1914 Yatala Pie Shop on Pacific Highway Qld

Officially, the Yatala Pie Shop opened on the Pacific Highway south of Brisbane in 1914. So significant is this that… Read More

1914 Commonsense Cookery Book

The first issue of the Commonsense Cookery Book was produced by the NSW Public School Cookery Teachers Association in 1914 and… Read More

1913 Pumpkin scones recipe published

Although pumpkins (or their seeds) arrived in Australia with the First Fleet and scones had their origin in Scotland sometime in… Read More

1913 Arnott’s Teddy Bear Biscuits

Arnott's Teddy Bear Biscuits were not a world first, or even an Australian first. There were Teddy Bear Cookies in… Read More

1911 Prohibition in Australia’s capital

In the late 19th and early 20th century, temperance advocates throughout Australia campaigned for a total ban on alcohol. The… Read More

1911 Slip’s Ice Cream in Sorrento

In 1911, William Schlipalius began making ice cream at his home in Sorrento, Victoria. He sold his product from a… Read More

1910 Bulla Dairy Foods founded

Bulla Dairy Foods was first established by Thomas Sloan as the Bulla Cream Company in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. Thomas had… Read More

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