1939 World War II declared

At 9.15pm on 3 September 1939, Prime Minister Menzies said in a radio address to the nation "It is my… Read More

1939 Beginnings of San Remo pasta

Some accounts suggest that the founder of San Remo pasta, Luigi Crotti, arrived from Italy in 1936 and immediately began… Read More

1939? Kool Mints developed by Griffiths Sweets

When I worked in advertising , Allen's Sweets was among my clients. In the late 1970s, I developed a television… Read More

1939 Wine and Food Society NSW

The Wine and Food Society NSW was launched in the Rhine Castle Cellars on 9 March, 1939, with the inaugural… Read More

1939 Steak Diane introduced to Australia

There is some dispute about the origins of Steak Diane but it was almost certainly introduced to Australia by Tony… Read More

1938 Nescafé instant coffee invented in Switzerland.

While not the first instant coffee to be marketed,  Nescafé was the first to be made by a spray drying process… Read More

1938 Coca-Cola first bottled in Australia

A Roy Morgan survey in 2015 showed that four of the five most popular soft drinks in Australia were cola… Read More

1938 First Blackmores health food store

Blackmores, makers of a range of dietary supplements, used to claim that their founder, Maurice Blackmore, opened Australia's first health… Read More

1938 First Australian supermarket?

Although a number of grocery chains were already offering self-service, it seems that in 1938 Farr's of Newcastle, New South… Read More

1938 Brockhoff launches Savoy Crackers

The supermarket shelves offer a plethora of round, crinkly-edged crackers. Three of them are under the Arnott's brand: Jatz, Savoy… Read More

1937 Narooma fish cannery opens

The Narooma Fish Cannery was opened at the suggestion of Theodore Cleveland Roughley, an economic zoologist from the Technological Museum,… Read More

1937 Earliest known Chocolate Crackles recipe

Chocolate Crackles are small, chocolate-flavoured cakes made from Rice Bubbles, coconut and Copha. The earliest Chocolate Crackles recipe so far… Read More

1937 First beer garden in Australia. Or not.

Pub beer gardens are a familiar part of our Aussie lifestyle. So it may surprise you to learn that we… Read More

1937 Houghton White Burgundy created

Winemaker Jack Mann created Houghton White Burgundy (now Houghton Classic White).  The wine is still assembled from parcels of different… Read More

1937 First frog farm at Euroa

It was touted in American magazines as a money-making enterprise. Henry Jacka and Sydney Willson imported 'breeding stock' of bullfrogs from… Read More

1937 The bread and butter slimming diet

In 1937, an article in the Sunday Times in Perth suggested a revolutionary new slimming diet: the bread and butter… Read More

1937 Tasmania ends six o’clock closing

Tasmania was the first Australian state to jettison the six o'clock closing legislation introduced during WWI.  In 1916, Tasmania had joined… Read More

1937 Sunshine powdered milk launched in Australia.

Sunshine Powdered Milk became a staple during the war years. It was often used to make up bottles for babies… Read More

1936 Commonwealth Advisory Council on Nutrition

The Commonwealth Advisory Council on Nutrition was formed in 1936 after Australian delegates to the Assembly of the League of… Read More

1936 Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

Harry 'Tiger' Edwards operated a pie cart in Sydney's Woolloomooloo  just before WWII, taking advantage of custom from the navy… Read More

1936 Weis bar developed in Toowoomba

n 1936, Cyril Weis created what he call his Fruito Bar, a bar of ice cream and tropical fruits, which… Read More

1936 Wine and Food Society of Victoria

The Wine and Food Society of Victoria was modelled on the London Wine and Food Society established by gourmet and… Read More

1936 Seafood cocktail on the beach

In 1936, The Mail, Adelaide, published a recipe for seafood cocktail as a suggestion for a beach party. It's unclear… Read More

1935 Pavlova dessert in Perth

The dessert we know as Pavlova was inspired by Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova and both New Zealand and Australia claim… Read More

Mid-1930s Hamburger the new fast food

The history of the hamburger is a murky one. No one really knows who invented them or what their connection… Read More

1935 First quiche recipe published in Australia?

Here in Australia, we strongly associate quiche with the 1970s, but the first recipes for Quiche Lorraine were published many… Read More

1935 Heinz starts manufacturing in Richmond

Products made by the US-owned Heinz company had been imported and sold in Australia since the late 19th century. The… Read More

1934 Introduction of the ute

According to legend, in the early 1930s the Australian branch of the Ford Motor Company received a letter from a… Read More

1934 MILO introduced

First marketed as Nestlé’s Tonic Food, Milo powder was developed at Abbotsford in Sydney and launched at the Royal Easter… Read More

1934 Pearl meat industry begins

Pearl meat is the adductor muscle of the pearl oyster and is a by-product of the pearl and pearl shell… Read More

1933 Brahman cattle imported

Although other strains of Bos Indicus (Asian cattle) had been imported earlier, the breed now known as Brahman was first… Read More

1933 Australian Women’s Weekly founded

Originally conceived as a weekly newspaper for women, The Australian Women's Weekly became the largest-selling magazine ever circulated in this… Read More

1933 Australia’s first commercial mushroom farm

In Europe, people were cultivating mushrooms as early as the 1600s and, in the 19th century, commercial cultivation of "Paris… Read More

1933 First Cahills restaurant in Sydney

They were the Sizzlers of their day. Cahills restaurants, dotted around Sydney from 1933 until the early 1980s, offered a… Read More

1933 Chocolate Ripple Cake

Brockhoff's Chocolate Ripple biscuits were introduced in the early 1930s and the first recipes for Chocolate Ripple Cake appeared in… Read More

1933 The term ‘supermarket’ is first used

Albers Super Market in Cincinatti,USA,was the first to use the term ‘supermarket ’.  William Albers, former president of Kroger Grocery… Read More

1932 Yo-Yo biscuits launched

Yo-Yo biscuits, now made by Arnott's, are a uniquely South Australian product. They were first produced by W. Menz and… Read More

1932 First Meadow Lea margarine released

Meadow Lea was one of the first margarines marketed in Australia.  The brand was founded by Oliver Triggs, a Melbourne… Read More

1932 Australia’s first milk bar

The Black and White 4d. Milk Bar, in Martin Place, Sydney was opened by Mick Adams in November 1932. He developed… Read More

1932 Vita-Weat first made in Australia

Vita-Weat crispbreads were first produced by Peek Frean in the UK and were the foundation product when the biscuit company… Read More

1932 Nuttelex vegetable margarine introduced

Unlike many early margarines which were made from or included animal fats, Nuttelex has always been a purely vegetarian spread.… Read More

1932 Mario’s Restaurant opens in Melbourne

The influx of immigrants after World War II is widely credited with introducing Australians to Italian food. But, in Melbourne,… Read More

1932 The Italian Society restaurant opens in Bourke Street.

Founded by Guiseppe Codognotto to cater to Italian immigrants, the famous Bourke Street restaurant, The Italian Society, was run by… Read More

1931 Beef Riot in Adelaide

In one of the most notorious incidents of the Great Depression, around 2000 of the unemployed staged a march from… Read More

1931 Smith’s Potato Chips arrive in Australia

Smith’s Chips  (then called Smith's Crisps) were first sold in the UK by Mr. Frank Smith. The potato chips he… Read More

1931 Sweetacres make Jaffas

Jaffas, with their chocolate core and orange-flavoured shell, were made by James Stedman-Henderson’s Sweets Ltd of Sydney under the brand… Read More

1930 Freddo Frog introduced

Freddo Frog was introduced by MacRobertson's in 1930. The original plan was to launch a mouse-shaped chocolate bar, but a… Read More

1930 Fantales introduced

For decades, going to the movies involved either a pack of Jaffas or a a box of Fantales. The chocolate-covered… Read More

1930? Queensland bans peanut butter

It seems the dairy industry objected to the word “butter” being used for anything other than the dairy product. In… Read More

1930 Repin’s Coffee Inns founded in Sydney

From the 1930s to the 1960s, Repin's Coffee Inns were an institution in Sydney, providing office workers with good coffee… Read More

1930 World’s first supermarket

King Kullen, the Price Wrecker, opened in 1930 in Long Island, New York. King Kullen is recognized by the Smithsonian… Read More

1930 Eat More Bread campaign

The ‘Eat More Bread’ campaign was a response to a surplus of wheat in Australia. A promotional booklet was distributed… Read More

1930 Personality Chocolates in Sydney

Personality Chocolates was a boutique chocolate maker with a factory in Bayswater Road, King's Cross. The company began in 1930… Read More

1930 Foodbank origins in Victoria

It wasn't known as Foodbank back then. But the State Relief Committee has evolved over the years, officially adopting the… Read More

1930 First Coles cafeteria

For several generations of Australians, a visit to Coles Cafeteria was the highlight of a trip to the city.  Coles'… Read More

1930 Perfect Cheese founded by Natale Italiano

Natale Italiano was born in Scido in Calabria, near the toe of Italy's boot. He emigrated to Australia in 1922… Read More

1930s Procera becomes Australia’s first franchise

The Procera bread baking process involved enriching the flour with gluten, thus boosting its protein content, decreasing starch and improving… Read More

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