1959 Continental food in Sydney

I discovered this article on newspapers.com. Published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 25 April 1959, it gives an entertaining… Read More

1959 Lipton tea bags arrive in Australia

Although tea bags were invented in the 1920s, they made few inroads into tea drinking in Australia. There is one… Read More

1959 Coke’s advertising agency arrives

Testament to the growing importance of global brands, the Coca Cola advertising  agency, McCann–Erickson opened an Australian office in 1959.… Read More

1959 First Australian meat chicken breed

According to the Australian Chicken Meat Federation, until the late 1950s chicken meat in Australia was mainly a by-product of… Read More

1959 Streets Gaytime launched

The first Streets Gaytime was not golden. It was a combination of icecream, chocolate and strawberry shortcake. The famous Golden version,… Read More

1959 Westfield Place opens in Blacktown.

Frank Lowy and John Saunders were two post-war immigrants who initially set up a delicatessen business together in Blacktown in… Read More

1959 First all-Australian espresso machine

The first Boema espresso machine was made by two Italian immigrants, Signori Bordignon and Emer, hence Bo-ema. Their company became… Read More

1958 First beer cans in Australia

The first beer cans in Australia were made of steel and had to be opened with a 'church key' -… Read More

1958 Australia’s first barbecue cookbook

Australia's first barbecue cookbook, The Burnt Offering: (how NOT to barbecue), by Winsom A Gilbert, appeared in 1958. Gilbert was… Read More

1958 Barney Banana ice cream launched

Peters Barney Banana, a banana ice cream on a stick, was launched in 1958.  It was promoted as containing real… Read More

1958 Tinplate first made in Australia

Tinplate has a long history. Before its use for food packaging, it was used to make various domestic goods including… Read More

1958 Vittoria Coffee begins roasting

Vittoria Coffee has its origins in a company started by the Cantarella brothers, Orazio and Carmelo, who began importing European… Read More

1958 Cuckoo restaurant opens

The Cuckoo restaurantopened in 1958 in Olinda, a hamlet in the Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne. It was run by Willi… Read More

1958 Darwin Stubby introduced

The Darwin Stubby, available only in the Northern Territory, was introduced by Carlton & United in April 1958 with an 80… Read More

1958 Coles moves into groceries with Coles Dickins

Coles had always been a variety store, but in 1958 the company began its move into the grocery business. It… Read More

1957 Lucia’s Pizza Bar in Adelaide

Lucia's Pizza Bar opened in 1957 and may well be Australia's first pizza restaurant (a title claimed for many years… Read More

1957 Australia’s first Japanese restaurant

The first Japanese restaurant in Australia wasn't a separate restaurant at all, but an annexe to the Dungowan restaurant in… Read More

1957 “Nibble Nobby’s Nuts” trademarked

It's a line that has provoked a chortle since 1957. "Nibble Nobby's Nuts" is ambiguous enough to be printable but… Read More

1957 1700 self-service grocers in Australia

By 1957, there were  1700 self-service grocers in Australia.  Although only about 7% of them could be termed supermarkets, these… Read More

1957 Cereal toys first produced by R & L

They were one of Australia's little-known exports. From the 1950s through the 1970s, children around the world regularly upended new… Read More

1957 Global warming first mentioned

The first use of the term global warming was in The Hammond Times in Indiana USA. The article, on 6… Read More

1957 Australia’s first TV chef

Australia's first TV chef was Willi Koeppen. His program, The Chef Presents was one of Australia’s earliest TV cooking programs. It aired on… Read More

1957 Woolworths’ first food store

Woolworths' first food store was at Dee Why in Sydney. It was a self-service section at the rear of a… Read More

1956 Leo’s Spaghetti Bar opens in St Kilda

Leo’s Spaghetti Bar started life as a small, chrome and Laminex hidey-hole in seedy Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, serving simple… Read More

1956 Cafe Balzac opened by Georges & Mirka Mora

Cafe Balzac may be long gone, but its almost forty-year run as a Melbourne culinary institution warrants recognition in this… Read More

1957 First Australian shopping mall

Chermside Drive-In Shopping Centre in Brisbane was the first Australian shopping mall. It was opened on 31 May 1957 by… Read More

1956 Tasmanian wine industry re-emerges

Although commercial wine-making began in the colony as early as 1823 and there were further attempts at wine-making in the… Read More

1956 Tuna fishing industry in Port Lincoln

The southern bluefin tuna is prized by gourmets, particularly in Japan, where it is valued for sushi and sashimi. In… Read More

1956 Beppi’s Italian Restaurant opens in Sydney

Certainly a stayer on the Sydney restaurant scene, Beppi's opened on 10 June 1956 and is still (as of 2021)… Read More

1956 Barossa Pearl sparkling wine launched

Barossa Pearl, however scornfully it’s referred to these days, changed the Australian wine industry. It was based on a German… Read More

1956 Tom the Cheap opens in Perth

Inspired by overseas retail trends, Thomas Wardle opened Australia’s first discount grocery store in North Perth. As Tom the Cheap,… Read More

1956 Birds Eye Fish Fingers make their Australian debut.

Birds Eye Fish Fingers, produced by the quick freezing process developed by the eponymous Clarence Birdseye, were introduced in 1956… Read More

1956 The Arab coffee lounge opens in Lorne

This famous coffee lounge,  in the popular seaside resort on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road was opened by brothers Graham, Alistair,… Read More

1956 Television broadcasting in Australia

Although there had been experimental television broadcasts since the 1920s, public television broadcasting began on 17 October 1956 in Sydney… Read More

1956 Olympic Games attracts chefs to Melbourne

The 1956  Olympic Games changed the restaurant scene in Melbourne. Despite an initial suggestion that shearers’ cooks should introduce visiting… Read More

1955 Sunwhite Rice launched

In 1924, eight farmers in the Murrumbidgee irrigation area of New South Wales produced the area's first commercial rice crop.… Read More

1955 First milk cartons in Australia

The first time Australian milk was distributed in cartons was in the Beverley Hills area of Sydney in 1955, when Mr.… Read More

1955 Rocklea Road developed by Darrell Lea

Rocklea Road, a combination of chocolate, marshmallow, coconut and peanuts, was developed by Harry Lea as a gift for his… Read More

1955 First McDonald’s opens in USA

Salesman Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald's in Illinois in 1955, licensing the name from a Californian Bar-B-Que restaurant that… Read More

1955 New Sunbeam appliances

In 1955,  Sunbeam Australia launched their  pop-up’ toaster, electric frypan and ‘Ironmaster’. The Sunbeam electric frypan, which became an essential… Read More

1955 NSW gets 10 o’clock closing

In  a referendum in 1954 voters approved 10 o’clock closing by a narrow margin of 902,532 votes to 892,740.  The… Read More

1955 Orchy orange juice

Orchy Orange Juice was first released in 1955. Instead of the cooked taste of canned orange juice, Orchy tasted like… Read More

Mid 1950s Sliced and packaged bread

Sliced and packaged bread was introduced in America as early as 1928 but the widespread adoption of the sliced loaf… Read More

1954 First cook at Mawson Base, Antarctica

In January 1954, a party of 10 men set out to build the first permanent Australian base on the Antarctic… Read More

1954 (?) Choo Choo Bar

The Choo-Choo Bar was originally made by Plaistowe in Western Australia. Hearsay suggests it arrived in the early 1950s –… Read More

1954 Savoury Shapes biscuits launched

On 30 November 2020, which would, had he lived, have been my father's 100th birthday, my family had an online… Read More

1954 Mrs Mac’s Pie Company founded

Originally, the pies weren't Mrs Mac's. The bakery business Ken Macgregor started in Perth in 1954 used the brand name,… Read More

1954 Melbourne’s first pavement café

By all accounts, the first pavement café in Melbourne was at Mirka's - the café opened by Georges and Mirka… Read More

1954 Happy Little Vegemites jingle

The Happy Little Vegemites song, used to advertise Australia's iconic Vegemite spread, was written by Alan Weekes of advertising agency… Read More

1954 Curried Goanna served in Sydney

On 8 May 1954, Curried Goanna was among the foods served at a special Northern Territory night at a Sydney… Read More

1954 Crown Lager released to public

According to CUB, Crown Lager (originally Foster's Crown Lager) was first brewed in 1919 and only available to Australia's diplomats… Read More

1954 Pellegrini’s opens in Bourke Street

Pellegrini’s (66 Bourke St, Melbourne) was one of the first wave of Italian cafés in the city and remains virtually… Read More

1953 Capilano Honey founded

It may seem odd that Capilano Honey is named after a river in Canada. The Capilano River flows through Vancouver… Read More

1953 Scallop pies,10d each

The true history of Tasmania's famous scallop pies is shrouded in mystery. The earliest reference I can find to the… Read More

1953 Diamantina cocktail nominated as unique Australian drink

In an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald in 1953, W.P. Thornton sought to refute the idea that Australia… Read More

1953 Pipis harvested commercially in NSW

Pipis have many other names. They've been called surf clams, Goolwa cockles and even vongole, while First Nations people know… Read More

1953 Colvan Chips

Although there is a story that margarine-manufacturer Ted Mayes founded the Colvan business with his winnings from the 1942 Melbourne Cup,… Read More

1953 Soft drink vending machines

The Australian soft drink industry underwent a radical transformation in the 1950s and '60s. The change was wrought by self-service… Read More

1953 First Australian Meals on Wheels service

The Meals on Wheels concept originated in Britain during WWII, with authorities delivering meals to elderly, frail people. The first… Read More

1953 Chocolate Crackles trademarked

December 1953 saw the name Chocolate Crackles trademarked by Kellogg, despite the fact that the recipe had been in circulation… Read More

1952 Salada biscuits launched

Salada biscuits are among Australia's favourite crackers or, as we used to call them in my youth, dry biscuits. Originally… Read More

1953 Streets Paddle Pop launched

In 1953 Ron Street, nephew of Street's Icecream founder Ted Street, invented the ice cream that has endured for more… Read More

1952 Brisbane’s elite introduced to pizza

The true origins of pizza are obscure. Wikipedia says the word 'pizza' was first recorded in the 10th century. However,… Read More

1952 Spaghetti bolognese recipe

Why would it have a French spelling? And why would it include Worcestershire sauce? And why would you bake it?… Read More

1952 Kentucky Fried Chicken brand launched in USA

Harland Sanders opened his first restaurant in 1930 in the front room of a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky, naming… Read More

1952 The Esky ® invented

No doubt to the annoyance of the brand’s owners, the term ‘Esky’ is widely used in Australia as a generic… Read More

1952 Riots in Bonegilla migrant camp

Post WWII migrants were temporarily housed in camps, such as a former army camp at Bonegilla. They protested about the… Read More

1951 Experimental aquaculture in Queensland

Aquaculture in Australia traces its history back at least 8000 years, to a time when indigenous people in Western Victoria… Read More

1951 Chiko Roll developed

Frank McEnroe  was a boilermaker from Bendigo who developed the iconic deep fried Chinese-style roll to sell while catering at… Read More

1951 School milk introduced by Menzies government

Far from being a conspiracy to put a whole generation off drinking milk forever, school milk was conceived as a… Read More

1951 Maggi dried soups launched in Australia

Dried soups became an essential part of store-cupboard cookery in the 1950s. Unilever’s Continental brand was Maggi’s principle competitor. Their… Read More

1951 First vintage of Penfolds Grange

Originally Grange Hermitage, Penfolds Grange was to become Australia’s most collectible wine. Penfolds Grange is made predominantly from Shiraz grapes (formerly… Read More

1950 Betty King debuts as ‘leading home economist’

Betty King, Home Economist, of World Brands Pty Ltd was one of the leading ladies of Australian cookery…the Margaret Fulton… Read More

1950s Origins of Perth’s Conti Roll

The continental roll, or "conti roll" is a Perth institution and consists of mixed continental meats (typically mortadella, coppa and… Read More

1950 Wartime rationing ends

Five years after the end of WWII, food rationing finally ended.  While sugar and meat had been freely available for… Read More

1950 Downyflake Donuts in Melbourne

The first Downyflake Donut restaurant opened in Melbourne’s Swanston Street in 1950. Their “American Donut Machine” was a source of… Read More

1950 American Doughnut Kitchen at Queen Victoria Market

The American Doughnut Kitchen is a Melbourne institution, familiar to anyone who has shopped at the Queen Victoria Market in… Read More

1950 Twisties invented

Twisties were one of the first “extruded snack foods”. The brand was originally developed by Melbourne businessman Isodor Magid who… Read More

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