1969? Commercial crocodile farming begins

Although there were earlier "crocodile farms" it appears these were essentially zoos, whose major purpose was to attract tourists. The… Read More

1969 Beginnings of nouvelle cuisine

Said to have been born on the first Concorde flight out of Paris, this new and lighter approach to French… Read More

1969 Australia’s first ATM

Australia's first ATM, or Automatic Telling Machine, installed by the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney in 1969 was not the kind of ATM… Read More

1969 Weight Watchers kicks off weight loss industry in Australia

It warranted a full page in the Australian Women's Weekly. In 1969, Nancy Richardson arrived from the United States to… Read More

1969 First Australian Kmart store

Kmart was originally a joint venture between Coles and the S.S. Kresge Company, which operated Kmart in the USA .… Read More

1969 First microwave oven imported

The first commercial microwave oven, Raytheon's Radarange,  was invented in the USA in the late 1940s. Domestic models began to sell… Read More

1969 Self-service dominates grocery sales

By this time, 70% of Victorian metropolitan grocery sales were self-service. Smaller stores formed buying groups to remain competitive. Confectionery… Read More

1968 Subway emerges in Connecticut

A recent high school graduate, 17 year old Fred DeLuca, and family friend Dr. Peter Buck teamed up to open… Read More

1968 Luv-a-Duck founded in Nhill

It was August 2016 and we were headed for the Dimboola Food Festival.  An unlikely destination, perhaps, but among the… Read More

1968 First Margaret Fulton cookbook

Cookery writer Margaret Fulton was the food editor of Woman's Day magazine when her first cookbook was published by Paul… Read More

1968 Tasmania’s first licensed restaurant

Until the 1960s, if you wanted to wine and dine in Tasmania your options were restricted. There were fancy meals… Read More

1968 Courage Beer launched

Courage Beer attempted to break the stranglehold Carlton & United had on the beer market in Victoria with its launch… Read More

1968 Australia’s first restaurant guide

“Galloping Gourmet” and television chef Graham Kerr published Graham Kerr’s Guide to Good Eating in Sydney – Australia's first restaurant… Read More

1968 Kentucky Fried Chicken launches in Australia

Australia's first Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet opened in Guildford in Sydney’s western suburbs on 27th April 1968, with a staff… Read More

1967? Caramello Koala introduced

According to Wikipedia, the Caramello Koala first appeared in 1966 under the name of Caramello Bear. Other websites have taken… Read More

1967 Australia’s first frozen Chinese meals?

Although there had previously been frozen TV dinner ranges which included Asian dishes, the first all-Chinese frozen meal range may… Read More

1967 Taco Bill founded

Mexican food was a new experience for most Australians when the founder of Taco Bill, Bill Chilcote, arrived in Australia… Read More

1967 Bourbon & Beefsteak, Kings Cross

In 1967 a new era in the Americanisation of Australian food began. King's Cross in Sydney was the location of… Read More

1967 Six o’clock closing ends in SA

South Australia was the last state to end six o’clock closing. The new late-closing laws were introduced under the premiership… Read More

1967 Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology

Founded in 1967, the Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology is an industry body that aims to advance Australia's… Read More

1967 Sydney’s first Lebanese restaurant

The first Lebanese restaurant in Sydney was founded by the Mrough brothers in 1967 in Pitt Street, Redfern. Oddly, it… Read More

1966 GLAD® Wrap introduced

In 1966 the GLAD® brand was born in Australia with the launch of  'the amazing new plastic GLAD® Wrap, a… Read More

1966? First Australian canned wine

Once beer began to be packaged in cans, with the obvious benefits of portability and sturdiness,  it was only a… Read More

1966 Margaret River wine region identified

A 1966 research paper by agronomist Dr John Gladstones suggested that the Margaret River area in Western Australia would suit… Read More

1966 Decimal currency introduced

On 14 February, 1966, Australia changed from a monetary system using pounds, shillings and pence to decimal currency - dollars… Read More

1966 Russian poet orders Aussie champagne in Paris

During a visit to the Adelaide Festival in 1966, the Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko evidently acquired a taste for Seppelts… Read More

1966 Tarax sole Australian-owned soft drink company

By 1966, as overseas companies bought up all the soft drink manufacturers, only one all-Australian company remained as a major… Read More

1966 Six o’clock closing ends in Victoria

On 1 February 1966, Victorian hotel hours were extended to 10pm - the end of six o’clock closing and the… Read More

1966 Stephanie Alexander starts Jamaica House

Started by Stephanie Alexander and her Jamaican husband, Monty, mainly as a way to sell products imported from the West… Read More

1966 Australia’s first food magazines

In 1966, both Epicurean and Australian Gourmet food magazines were founded. Epicurean was the first Australian magazine devoted entirely to… Read More

1965 Sartee stall at Darwin Show

It's better known to most of us as a satay. But in Darwin many people, especially those in the Chinese… Read More

1965 Red Tulip After Dinner Mints

Red Tulip didn’t invent the after-dinner mint. Rowntree’s After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins were launched in England in 1962, but… Read More

1965 Cask wine invented

The wine cask or ‘bag in a box’ was invented by Tom Angove of Angove’s in Renmark, South Australia. The… Read More

1965 First kebabs in Sydney

According to the operators of Uncle Tony’s Kebabs, the first kebabs were introduced in Sydney by Lebanese immigrant Tony Khater in… Read More

1965 Australia’s first food court

These days, we don't just go to shopping centres to shop. We go to eat. Shopping centre food courts can… Read More

1965 Introduction of the BYO licence

The BYO boom in Victoria started slowly, but gathered momentum year on year, really hitting its stride in the early… Read More

1964 Café-Bar threatens tea ladies’ jobs

I remember tea ladies. Back in 1965, in the advertising agency I worked at, a trolley came trundling around twice… Read More

1964 The Big Banana

Claiming to be the first and most famous of Australia's "Big Things" (although it was actually pipped by the Big… Read More

1964 Golden Fleece roadhouses promoted

It's not clear when the first of the Golden Fleece branded restaurants was opened - perhaps in the 1950s or… Read More

1963 Drumstick ice cream introduced

Peters Drumstick was launched in Australia in 1963. It wasn't invented here though. Like its predecessor the Eskimo Pie, the… Read More

1963 Tim Tams launched

In 1963, Arnott’s launched Tim Tams , a new chocolate-covered biscuit based on a British product called Penguin. They were… Read More

1963 Bertie Beetle launched by Hoadley’s

The chocolate Bertie Beetle was launched by Hoadley's in 1963 and is generally supposed to have been created as a… Read More

1963 Men only at Ress Oriental Rib Room

In 1963, Melbourne's Ress Oriental Hotel trumpeted the opening of its new Rib Room, one of three restaurants in the… Read More

1963 First NSW retail grocery group

The Davids wholesale operation put together the first professionally organised voluntary retail grocery group in NSW. It involved Supa Valu and… Read More

1963 Safeway supermarkets arrive in Victoria

The American supermarket company, Safeway, purchased three Pratt’s supermarkets in Victoria in 1963. The first was on the site of… Read More

1962 Calamari first featured in Australian Women’s Weekly

For most of Australia's colonial history, squid (aka calamari) was thought of as fisherman's bait. Only after World War II,… Read More

1963 Robert Carrier’s Great Dishes of the World.

Robert Carrier's Great Dishes Of The World sold over 2 million copies worldwide in 14 languages; and was hailed as… Read More

1962 Len Evans writes Australia’s first wine column

"Cellarmaster", the first regular wine column in an Australian publication, was written by Len Evans in The Bulletin. Evans went… Read More

1962 Deb Instant Mashed Potato

The potato has long been Australia's favourite vegetable. In early colonial days, stews relied on the starchy tuber to bulk… Read More

1962 New Year’s Eve at the Rex Hotel, Bondi

The special New Years's Eve menu at the Rex Hotel was typical for its time. It offered Oysters Naturelle or… Read More

1962 Mr Whippy arrives in Australia

The Mr Whippy ice cream van company was founded in Birmingham, England, in 1958. Just four years later the franchise… Read More

1962 First Tunarama Festival in Port Lincoln

The Tunarama Festival was devised by the burghers of the town that describes itself as "The Seafood Capital of Australia",… Read More

1962 Christmas menu at Hotel Astra, Bondi

The multi-course Christmas menu at the Hotel Astra, Bondi, offered such choices as Oysters Natural au Citron, Consomme Royale, Fillet… Read More

1962 Southern Cross Hotel opens in Melbourne

The Southern Cross Hotel was the first luxury hotel in Melbourne to depart from the traditional style of hotels like… Read More

1962 First Burger King in Adelaide

Adelaide's Burger King chain had nothing to do with the similarly-named chain in the United States founded in 1953. However,… Read More

1962 Coles Farmland brand appears

House brands have become an increasing focus for supermarkets in Australia. The first Coles house brand appeared as early as… Read More

1962 Hawaiian Pizza created in Canada

History does not record when the first Hawaiian Pizza arrived in Australia. But the man credited with its invention was… Read More

1961 Streets Splice trademark registered

Actually, the Streets people themselves don’t know when this iconic Aussie ice cream was launched. They say it was “sometime… Read More

1961 Limmits weight loss biscuits invented

In the early 1960s, my school lunch often consisted of two Limmits weight loss biscuits, perhaps with an apple. It… Read More

1962 Ring pull can introduced in USA

The ring pull can was invented by Ermal Cleon "Ernie" Fraze of Dayton, Ohio, in 1959.  It was first put… Read More

1962 Scotts TV dinners advertised

The term "TV dinners" emerged as a brand name in the USA in 1955, although frozen ready-to-eat meals had been… Read More

1962 Coles New World Supermarket is launched

Coles launched “A new world of shopping”  with the opening of the first Coles New World   Supermarket in Frankston,… Read More

1961 First canned soft drinks

The first canned soft drinks in Australia were produced by Tarax in their Huntingdale, Melbourne, plant in 1961. Initially, Tarax… Read More

1961 First Tupperware party in Australia

Earl Silas Tupper introduced the range of plastic containers in the USA in 1946. Their trademark was the distinctive “burping"… Read More

1961 Unilever acquires Sennitt’s Ice Cream

The Sennitt's Ice Cream brand was discontinued when Unilever acquired Sennitt's and the company was merged with Streets. The famous… Read More

1961 Toto’s Pizzeria opens in Carlton

Toto’s claimed to be the first pizzeria in Australia, and on this basis was inducted into World Pizza Hall of… Read More

1961 Mastering the Art of French Cooking first published.

Although this book is largely credited to Julia Child, it was co-authored with Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle, whom Child… Read More

1960 Restaurant Licence introduced in Victoria

The new licence allowed alcohol to be served with food. Formerly only hotels, registered clubs and wine saloons could legally… Read More

1960 Australian Wine Centre opens in Soho, London.

After World War II, wine exports to Britain resumed. To capture more of the British market the Australian Wine Board… Read More

1960 Australia’s first revolving restaurant

Just one year after the world’s first revolving restaurant opened in Dortmund, Germany, the Hammon family opened the Skyway restaurant… Read More

1960 Margaret Fulton joins Woman’s Day

In 1960, Margaret Fulton, then working at advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, joined the weekly women's magazine Woman's Day as… Read More

1960 Fanny’s restaurant opens

Fanny’s restaurant was opened by Gloria and Blyth Staley in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, on the site of a Greek café.… Read More

1960 Myer’s Chadstone Shopping Centre opens

In 1960, Myer completed the Chadstone Shopping Centre 12  kilometres from the centre of Melbourne.  “Chaddy”, as it soon came… Read More

1960 First Woolworths supermarket

The first Woolworths supermarket was opened at Warrawong in New South Wales in May 1960. It offered a range of… Read More

1960 First Coles supermarket

The first Coles supermarket - a freestanding suburban supermarket complete with carpark -  opened in the Melbourne suburb of North… Read More

1960 CHOICE magazine launched

The Australasian Consumers' Association was formed in 1959, at the end of a decade that had seen an increasing focus… Read More

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