2024 1000th post on the Australian Food Timeline

It's more of a milestone for me personally than for Australian food in general but, for the 1000th post on… Read More

2024 Supermarket inquiry announced by ACCC

Amid surging concern about the cost of living, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission announced in January 2024 that it… Read More

2023 Google’s top ten recipes

The end of 2023 was marked by the release of Google's top ten recipes for the year - Australia's most-searched… Read More

2023 Some KFC outlets go cashless

Some customers weren't happy, but in 2023 a number of KFC outlets moved to cashless sales only. According to the… Read More

2023 Degustation prices hit new heights

It's likely a new record for degustation prices in Australia. In March 2023, chef Mauro Colagreco, whose French fine diner… Read More

2022 Hallucinogenic spinach recalled

In December 2022, more than 200 people were poisoned by eating their greens. The hallucinogenic spinach had been contaminated with… Read More

2022 Top Australian food companies

In December 2022, Food & Drink magazine published a feature on Australia's 100 top food companies. Of the ten top… Read More

2022 Iceberg lettuce prices soar

In mid-2022, vegetable prices in Australia climbed steeply. In particular, iceberg lettuce prices made the news, with The Guardian reporting… Read More

2022 Soft plastics recycling program falls over

We've been putting our bottles, cans, paper and rigid plastic containers in the recycling bin for decades, but soft plastics… Read More

2022 Butter Board craze on TicToc

In the 2020s the new food influencers are all using Tic Toc. And on 15 September 2022, one of the… Read More

2022 Varroa mite threatens agricultural industries

Varroa mite is a small parasitic mite that attaches itself to honey bees. By feeding, it weakens the bees and… Read More

2022 Non-alcoholic drinks on the rise

I wrote the following article for SoVino, the in-house magazine of the Independent Liquor Retailers group, in late 2021. Since… Read More

2022 Food supply chains fail owing to COVID

As Australia's 90+ per cent fully vaccinated population headed into 2022, hoping for a break from COVID-related dramas, a new… Read More

2021 Gnocchi tops list of most Googled recipes

Tracking the list of most Googled recipes over the past few years is both revealing and mystifying.  The most Googled… Read More

2021 Alcohol consumption increases during pandemic

In June 2021, Roy Morgan research found that the number of Australians consuming alcoholic drinks had increased significantly over the… Read More

2021 Coles ditches single-use plastic tableware

From July 1 2021, Coles withdrew single-use plastic tableware from all its stores across Australia. The initiative, which had been… Read More

2021 Providoor expands to Sydney

Providoor changed the game for home-delivered meals. Restaurant meal delivery services have been around since the 1980s, with some of… Read More

2020 Chinese tariffs hit Australian exports

Beginning in 2020, China hit a range of Australian exports with new tariffs and bans in the guise of "anti-dumping"… Read More

2020 7-Eleven mini store in high-rise

In July 2020, the convenience store chain opened an 8sqm store on the 27th floor of a high-rise office building… Read More

2020 Fast food consumption rises during pandemic

In May 2021, the research company Roy Morgan reported that during 2020, more than 75% of Australians ate take-away food… Read More

2020 TikTok’s #Food takes off during pandemic

For more than a decade, Instagram was the platform where avid foodies flocked to see carefully arranged plates and gourmet… Read More

2020 Coronavirus prompts panic buying

In March 2020, in an unprecedented wave of panic buying, supermarket customers cleared the shelves of non-perishable foods including canned… Read More

2020 Mateus Rosé makes a comeback

To those of us of a certain age, the words "Mateus Rosé" conjure up memories of our early wine-drinking years.… Read More

2020 McDonald’s vegetable burger launched

Given the trend towards vegetable-based eating, it took McDonald's Australia some time to catch up with a non-meat burger. Launched… Read More

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