2014 Riesling tops in wine survey

According to a survey by online wine retailer Vinomofo, Riesling was Aussie wine drinkers’ preferred white in 2014, ahead of Chardonnay. Sauvignon Blanc came third. Shiraz was the preferred red, with Cabernet declining and Pinot Noir making gains. The wine survey found that nearly half of us drink wine on three to five days each week.

These are among the findings of a survey dubbed the Great Vinomofo Wine Census 2014. The online wine survey asked over 6,000 wine drinkers about their drinking habits and was conducted between 21 May and 30 May 2014. How representative Vinomofo’s customers are of the wider population is open to question, though. A look at their website suggests a distinct bias to the young and subversive.

The survey also revealed some of the most common wine confessions. Nearly two-thirds (64%) felt nervous or intimidated by restaurant wine lists and only 3%  would send a bottle of wine back in a restaurant.  It may reveal something about Vinomofo’s audience, but 72% of their survey respondents had bought a wine they couldn’t pronounce, 64% had Googled the price of a wine they’d been given as a gift and almost half had felt intimidated in a wine store or when asked to taste a wine in a restaurant.

Then there are more deadly sins. Thirty-one per cent had faked wine knowledge to impress someone and 6% had refilled an expensive bottle with cheaper wine. And, horror of horrors, 7% confessed to heating wine up in the oven.

Vinomofo was founded in 2011 by Andre Eikmeier, Justin Dry and Leigh Morgan. Since then it’s grown to be one of the most successful wine sites in the country, achieving $35 million in revenue since launch and being awarded Deloitte’s Fastest Growing Australian Technology Company in 2013 and Startup Smart’s Best Startup in 2014. Vinomofo is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

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