Google streetview inside ColesThe Coles store in Sydney’s Broadway has become the first supermarket in Australia to use Google Business Photos.  In the style of Google’s Streetview, you can see  360-degree interior imagery of the refurbished Broadway store. You can  click through from the street and check out the key features of the store. But the shoppers remain incognito – all faces are blurred.

Google launched indoor maps with the stated aim of allowing visitors to spend less time searching for building directories.  They are mapping airports, malls, stadiums and transit hubs. Google Business View is designed to give potential visitors/customers a virtual tour of stores, restaurants and hotels. “These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective guests and patrons” they say.

In launching the new Google Streetview inside Coles, the retailer announced: “From today you will be able to click through from the street into the store and be able to tour all the new features, such as the in-store barista, Coles Kitchen, patisserie and market-style fresh produce section, onto the fishmonger and much more.”

The Broadway centre as a whole uses the Business Photos application, although not all stores offer virtual tours of their interiors.