Jane Adams at a farmers' marketJane Adams is a food writer and marketing consultant. In 1998 she won a research fellowship to study markets in the US. She came back an enthusiast and began to deliver workshops to farmers and the community. She has been instrumental in introducing farmers’ markets to rural, regional and urban communities and is chairman of the Australian Farmers’ Market Association.

The farmers’ market movement had been growing overseas for nearly two decades before it gained traction here in Australia. A report into farmers’ markets in Australia in 2004 quoted figures of more than 3500 such markets in the USA and 450 in the UK having been developed since the early 1980s.

Jane Adams was the recipient of the Geoffrey Roberts Award (1997), an international fellowship that facilitated her research of American farmers’ markets. Returning from her study tour, Jane gave her first workshop on how to start a farmers’ market in Orange, NSW in 1999.

She went on to be the driving force behind the formation of the Australian Farmers’ Market Association and has worked with community groups from Albany to Auckland to establish farmers’ markets in regional and urban centres.